Time is expensive, and so is a timeless watch. Rolex has made a name by constantly giving us something new to work for. It is now easy to splurge a gift yourself or a loved one with a priceless Rolex watch in Singapore with numerous outlets worldwide. One particular unique masterpiece is the GMT-Master II.

About the GMT-Master II Series

The GMT-Master II was designed to combine functionality, robustness, flexibility, and, of course, meet the quality standard of a typical classic Rolex watch. This watch is a favorite, especially among travelers, for its convenience. Indeed, it was designed with much consideration for professionals and travelers who are always on the move. The 1982 release does not seem to be getting out of season anytime soon.

What sets the GMT-Master II apart from the rest is the ease in adjusting local time through a winding crown. Adjusting the watch does not tamper with the 24-hour hand. This means that one can read their local time and the “home time” almost simultaneously. Thus no more guessing and mental calculations.

Standard features of the GMT-Master II Collection

The GMT series is a collection of several watches tailored to fit various preferences. The watches are distinguishable from their colors and the material used to make the individual pieces. They come in Oyster Steel and gold varieties or a combination of the two.

Gold is universally known to be valuable, but Oystersteel is also a great go-too. Essentially, Oystersteel is a steel variant exclusive to the Rolex brand thus the GMT features can be found and sourced here. The alloy is a member of the 904l steel family popular for its corrosion resistance, thanks to copper, chromium, nickel, and molybdenum additives.

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Here is a brief description of the standard features of GMT-Master II watches:

  • 24- Hour rotatable bezel

GMT-Master II has a distinctive arrow-tipped hand in addition to the three hours, minute, and seconds hands. The extra hand is instrumental in reading home and local times, as it displays a “home “reference time for a first-time zone. A traveler can easily set local time via an incredible mechanism made possible by a winding crown. It also has a bidirectional rotatable 24-hour bezel that circles the dial at 24-hour intervals. All these features combined make it easy to adapt to new time zones.

  • Water-resistance

GMT watches are great for recreational activities as they can guarantee water resistance for depths of up to 100 meters. The Cerachrom insert is manufactured from tough ceramics to offer exceptional anti-corrosion properties and ensure that the original colors of the watches remain vibrant for long.

  • Long-lasting power reserve

Most GMT-Master II watches are estimated to have up to 70 hours of power reserve.

  • Unique dials

The choices will leave you indecisive, from simple, sleek black dials to out-of-this-world meteorite designs. Rolex watches have impressive displays attributed to the Chromalight displays and many hour hands incorporating the familiar shapes- circles, rectangles, and triangles. Some also feature luminescent material that emits a long-lasting glow.

Rolex GMT-Master II models

Some great selections from the GMT-Master series include:

  1. Oyster, 40mm, Oystersteel, and Everose gold- This is one of Rolex’s rolesors which seamlessly combine the luster and nobility of gold and the strength and reliability of Silver.
  2. Oyster, 40mm, white gold- this watch has a midnight blue dial with a gorgeous Chromalight display. It is made from a careful proportional combination of Silver, copper, platinum, or palladium and a variety of 18 ct gold to give a meticulous finish.
  3. Oyster,40mm, Everose gold- Another Rolex Oyster model, this watch has an appealing pink gold appearance cast from an 18ct pink gold alloy. The 18 ct Everose gold is created and patented exclusively for the Rolex brand.
  4. Oyster, 40mm, Oystersteel- This is the right pick if you are primarily looking for maximum resistance and anti-corrosion. The Oyster Steel in this watch is highly resistant and gives you impeccable fishing, thus ideal for harsh environments.
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Rolex watches are unmatched as they are designed and assembled with the utmost attention to detail. With a vast network of retailers in Singapore, servicing and aftercare support should not be a problem.

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