There are some people that try to say that sex is something that should only be engaged in when wanting to have children and these people live so far behind current times that it can get scary at times. Any medical practitioner will tell you that sex is a perfectly healthy thing to do and it is the one thing that makes both parties feel fantastic all at the same time. It helps to boost your self-confidence and it gives life a little boost when things seem to be getting you down. Many people are involved in long-term relationships and so this means that their lovemaking can become a little stale and somewhat predictable.

Some people have gone to see a sex therapist and every single time their therapist told them that it is quite healthy to introduce some sex play into the bedroom. When many people hear the word bondage, it conjures up all sorts of pictures and none of them appear to be positive. There is a stigma attached to this word and there shouldn’t be because it is a form of sex play that both parties want to take part in and there is always a safe word if things get too exciting. There are many health benefits to having a fetish like taking part in bondage and for those of you who don’t know what they are, please keep reading.

  • A better sense of well-being – There are been many studies on the subject of bondage and kinky sex in the bedroom and they have all come to the conclusion that people who engage in some kind of bondage sessions within the four walls of the bedroom tend to be more secure and the relationships, more open about what they want to happen as part of their lovemaking and their relationships are much stronger.
  • Better communication skills – It is important that both parties communicate properly when taking part in any kind of bondage and because things can get very exciting quickly, it is always a good idea to have a safe word that will let the other person know that they need to slow down or to stop altogether. These communication skills are essential within the bedroom and are essential then your working life and your day-to-day living as well.
  • Spanking equals happiness – We all love and enjoy the endorphins that are released when we take part in regular exercise and you will experience the same endorphins when you are getting a good spanking from your partner. That glow that you get after you orgasm can be achieved again and again with the use of bondage.
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If you incorporate bondage into your regular lovemaking then you will find that things will be a lot more fun and a bit less predictable. If your partner is willing to try a little bit of bondage then maybe you can introduce some sex toys into the equation and maybe some new sex positions as well. Whatever you decide to do, you will look forward to going into the bedroom even if your relationship has been going on for some time.

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