Steam has always been an integral part of mankind. The Super Power of steam is used for transportation purposes in Trains and Ships, besides producing electricity and run our lives. The same principle of producing steam can be utilized at home for serving many purposes. The only difference has been, instead of Industrial Boilers, we use hand-held portable boilers that are commonly named Steamers.

Very few of us use these Multi-Purpose Steamers to its full capacity and functions. Here, I am clubbing all the possible use of these Portable steamers at our home. In order to utilize all the functions, you would require a steamer with variable steam exhaust speed. During usage of the steamer in the first two functions, you require less exhaust pressure due to its usage on the body directly while in rest you need higher pressure.

1. Facial Sauna

Facial Steaming is a “Do It Yourself” activity for skin treatment. Without stepping in the SPA, you get the Glorious Glow on your face. Following are some advantages over your skin of steaming your face:

i) Steam opens up the blocked pores in the skin and thus helps in lessening the dirt and dust clogged in the pores. It also helps in softening the blackheads making them easier to remove.

ii) The combination of steam and an increase in perspiration dilates your blood vessels. It helps in increasing the circulation of blood thus helping to deliver oxygen. This results in a healthy glow.

iii) The steam helps in releasing the Sebum which gets clogged beneath the clogged pores. Thus, it helps in killing and removing the acne creating bacteria.

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2. Steam Inhalation

Steam Inhalation is very important, especially in these days of CORONA. Besides, Steam can help in relieving sinus congestion. It helps in clearing the tract to the lungs. The warm and moist air works by loosening the mucus in the nasal passages, throat, and lastly lungs. This may relieve symptoms of inflamed and swollen blood vessels in your nasal passages. It gives you instant relief while your body is fighting diseases like Common Cold, Flu, Sinus, Nasal Allergies, and Bronchitis.

3. Sanitization

High-pressure steam helps in killing bacteria and viruses residing on the surfaces. In this Covid Era, it is of utmost necessity to keep sanitizing the things that are touched very frequently like Bathroom Accessories, Door Handles. Appliances Handle, Railings, etc.

4. Cleaning

Some places in the house have stubborn dirt that cannot be removed by merely wiping. You need to loosen it using hot pressurized Steam. It can be used on bathroom and kitchen tiles. Just apply the steam and wipe the dust with a moist cloth and then with a dry one. This will give you the lost shine of that place

5. Garment Ironing

This is the function that is most popular among the steamers. These can be used for vertical ironing of garments. Just hang the garment and apply the steam from top to bottom to remove all the wrinkles and iron the cloth. This is very ideal for ironing long garments like Sarees, curtains, Bedsheets, etc.

How to use Portable Steamers

You just need to add water to the level indicated and plug in the system. The steamer uses electricity to make steam that cools before exiting the machine. Some vaporizers come with a built-in mask that fits around your mouth and nose in case you are using it for steam inhalation.

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Word of Caution

  • You need to wash steamers often to prevent bacterial and fungal growth inside it. Steamers can get dirty with germs quickly.
  • Do not apply the high pressurized steam directly on the skin to prevent burning.
  • Do not use the hard water inside the steamer. It will result in the deposition of scale on the inner body and the steam vents of the appliance. This is very difficult to wash also on the later stage.
  • It is preferred to wear gloves while using the steamer.

This is the ideal appliance for home use and for gifting purposes as well. For whatever purpose you are using, it will give you value for your money.

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