kissanime mobile not working

Kissanime was the first show where millions of people began watching television shows, and movies however, today it’s not working.

It’s not just Kissanime Mobile, if you visit the Kissanime website you keep getting the error message:

” This Site can’t be Reached

What is the reason Kissanime Mobile not Working? Let’s figure it out:

Is Kissanime dead?

In the last few days, or more precisely 15th August 2020 Kissanime along with Kissmanga have decided to shut down permanently and will be closed forever.

For the fans, it was a difficult time, but it’s also good for the industry of anime and the fans since when the industry is compensated, they’ll be better positioned to try new ideas within the industry of anime.

Now, if a site states that it is the official version of kissanime, There could be malware on the website, so you should not be looking at kissmanga and kissanime!

However, piracy remains a problem You can also check out other websites for anime here.

Was Kissanime Illegal?

Kissanime was created to make use of licensed content without charge and this is also without the consent of the movie’s creators, publishers, or licensed websites. If you’re using kissanime it’s fine, however, if you download streaming, streaming, or disseminating films from the kissanime site, it’s illegal.

In the span of 10 20 or even 30 decades, Kissanime as well as other streaming anime websites transformed the world of anime completely.

Crunchyroll 9anime, Gogoanime, Crunchyroll and funinime. A number of other websites that have millions of viewers tell many things about the popularity of anime-based series.

Presently, Netflix and amazon prime are working hard to create incredible anime series.

Here’s the complete schedule of the newest web series due to launch shortly.

There’s a need for another site for anime piracy to be able to stream anime without cost.

Kissanime Proxy Websites

After months of the shut-down of the Kissanime website, There are a variety of proxy websites that have gone live. These proxy websites are like the original Kissanime website. The only difference is the URL.

6.KissAnime Reddit
7.KISS Anime TO

Kissanime App for iPhone

With Kissanime proxy sites that are available on the Internet, Many users are wondering if feasible that iPhone customers to use the Kissanime application on their smartphones.

In a way, yes. However, that does not mean that you’ll experience an experience that is as smooth as the one you had prior to the official site being closed.

Anime Series are Addictive to Watch

They might be on a laptop of a friend’s for one time or on a web-based platform. If you are able to watch these shows for the first time, you get obsessed with the shows. You are always curious and enthralled to know what’s going to happen next episode or the next season.

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If you wish to watch the entire series in one go it is necessary to go to the same place with your friend repeatedly until the person blocks you from entering his home. If you’re an introvert and want to be a loner, you must purchase DVDs for the whole series that could burn holes in your wallet.

In the end, there is no need to worry that Kissanime has been shut down. Viewers can still stream their favourite anime, based on their preferences for the interface on the site.

Why Kissanime was not Working?

If we’re talking, there are many reasons why kissanime does not run on chrome or firefox browsers. It is primarily because of the default

  • Kissanime does not allow apps that aren’t official to access our content since the server for kissanime is overloaded.
  • Kissanime does not allow browsers to block advertisements by default.
  • If you’re using a VPN for your web browser, Kissanime will not work with you.

Today everyone is a fan of anime, be it young or old. Although they can watch anime films and TV shows these days, many people prefer to watch anime on their mobiles.

There are many programs for anime.

For example, Kiss Anime is one of the most popular applications for anime series. Recently, however, it’s encountered technical difficulties and has stopped functioning properly.

Why is Kissanime Mobile Not Working?

There are a variety of reasons why the kissanime mobile isn’t working. The most common is:


Kissanime does not have an SSL certificate.

Content Problem

The information they offer does not necessarily mean that they do not have any authority over it. So, what they consider illegal.

Server Problem

One of the reasons that kissanime mobile isn’t working is the issue with the server. There are times when the server is overwhelmed because of an unexpected increase in the number of viewers that is totally unplanned. Therefore mobile phones are not able to function with a server that is overloaded.

Some Other Problems

If there’s maintenance or work that is occurring in a sudden manner, it will not perform on mobile. On mobile, when we attempt to use Chrome it may stop the Kissanime server since they don’t utilize SSL to create an encrypted network.

Sometimes, when we attempt to access the website it will show the message that “you are not authorized to view this website”. This usually happens when we attempt to access the website on mobile devices and the kissanime mobile does not work.

When you open the website the site, displays a tough Captcha which makes it difficult to get access to the website.

What Are the Things We Can Do if Kissanime Mobile Not Working?

  • Alternative websites are available to access it in the event that it is not working on the kissanime mobile.
  • You can disable the data savers in the Chrome browser and then use kissanime instead.
  • If Kissanime Mobile is not Working We must check your personal network as when the internet server is down, it won’t function.
  • It is essential to use the VPN since, in certain countries, they have banned this website.
  • Disabling the extension data of Chrome is one of the most effective ideas. Then, directly the data will be sent to Google and you can then use Kissanime.

Top 10 Best Working Alternatives of Kissanime in 2022

1. Animekisa: Best Kissanime Alternatives

This is among the most frequently used platforms in the world of anime which is not surprising when you browse the site. It is the cleanest and simplest user interface that offers the most uncluttered experience therefore, fans of anime across the globe have provided Animekisa with a large number of users. The site is comprised of series, films, and series from over 40 genres. Animekisais definitely a suitable alternative to looking up.

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2. Animixplay: Best Kissanime Alternatives

Animixplay must be one of the most simple sites to stream anime. It’s completely free and does not have to charge any charges for watching videos. Also, it is ad-free which means you can expect an enjoyable experience when you watch content It also has an enormous collection of anime that you can enjoy.

3. AnimeSuge: Best Kissanime Alternatives

Another platform that is great for watching not only anime but also films or series as well as other popular videos. AnimeSuge is located in North America and provides a safe and secure way for streaming and watching video content. While it’s pretty similar to 9anime however, it’s not quite as impressive as 9anime however being aware that it is an enormous collection of anime and is high-quality as well is something that should not be missed.

4. Animekisa : Best Kissanime Alternatives

The most popular website for anime in the way it is known as Animekisa is among the most well-known anime streaming websites. It offers a huge collection of anime-related content and offers excellent quality that ranges between 240p and 1080p. The 18 genres available to select from, along with a very smooth streaming experience have created kissAnime as a top choice for many anime fans!

Watch Now

5. Animeultima

It’s a different option to AnimeKisa lets users download and stream anime without limitations. And the best part is that it will continue to add every new show that is released. One of my favorite features on this website is the description section. Here, details about the characters, plots, and a little of the plot are included. If I am interested in the description I can download the movie and play it even when I’m not able to connect to a connection to the internet. There are more than 4000 titles available at your discretion. It is worth a look.


It is possible to find the most award-winning series for the price of a penny and all that in an engaging and profitable user interface. Hulu for those who love anime! You can watch tv, movies or even anime. The entire spectrum is accessible by this website, so this is a great alternative.

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7. Anime Land : Best Kissanime Alternatives

The next item to be mentioned is a legally-licensed platform to stream anime films and shows. offers users a variety of options of different types to select from and this is both in the subbed and dubbed categories and lets all fans of anime enjoy their favorite anime in their native language without any restrictions.

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8. Chia-Anime

One of the top anime community platforms as well as less well-known in the Japanese anime industry, chia has your needs covered by offering programs such as Bleach! and other excellent anime. This site gives you many insights into current events in the anime world and, in addition, it also offers high-quality anime-related content. You’ll be delighted with this!

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9. Animation planet : Best Kissanime Alternatives

It was established in 2001 and is among the most popular anime databases. It has over a million active users across the world. It has an array of more than 40000 legal streaming anime available and is adored by many. Users are able to easily navigate the content and the site is simple to navigate through. It’s definitely a good option for AnimeKisa.

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10. WatchAnimeMovie

The final one on the list is the most recent platform. It has been gaining significant amount of attention and maintains its position as the best streaming site for anime. It allows you to stream any anime in HD for free, and with the lowest buffering. The best option is definitely the one that comes to mind, since the site aims to give us what fans of anime want.

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Is Kissanime Illegal?

Kiss anime can be described as a website owned by a third party which provides nearly all anime. Websites of this type are dark and grey because they don’t have the content they’re offering. The act of presenting any content as a third party that you don’t hold the authority to do so is illegal.

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Being a third party and displaying anything you don’t have authority over is considered to be illegal.

However, since they contain all the information that is extremely rare the majority of people do not write about it. If something is illegal, it was done by a person who is the authorized owner of this site and not by visitors. Therefore, we haven’t done any wrong. Stop worrying about it and simply take it easy and

Furthermore, as kissanime mobile does not work, it is easy for them to get away.

Is Kissanime safe For use?

There is a consensus that Kissanime isn’t an appropriate site for use. It has malware that exists on the site that is affecting devices, including computers as well as cell phones.

Based on the reviews of numerous visitors there isn’t any sign of infection and Kissanime is considered safe for use. There isn’t any evidence of malware running on the official website of Kissanime.

However, there are users (maybe hackers and spammers) who visit this site and make a copy of the official site.

Real Kissanime is free of any virus of any kind and is suitable for use by us.

Why is Kissanime a successful site or is it more famous?

Kissanime is widely regarded as the most popular anime websites. More than billions of people can enjoy streaming for free English dubs of anime in HD unlike other websites similar to it you have to pay to watch an episode from any show, but on the other hand, you are able to stream free through Kiss amine.

Kissanime’s website is accessible for both Windows as well as your mobile device. This is why this site is described as a mobile-friendly website.

How can I Download the Anime on Kiss Anime?

There’s a lot of confusion among users just like you on how to utilize this site to stream our anime shows. We are here to inform you of how to utilize Kissanime to watch your favorite anime series. There are a few steps you need to be able to

  • First, search the cartoon or series using the search bar of your browser.
  • Click on the name of your favorite show and you will be taken to a webpage with the show’s episodes listed.
  • Click on the episode you’d like to watch.
  • A player that streams are displayed, but you shouldn’t go there.
  • Move your cursor down until you reach the option ‘Mobile/Download’ with the link to save as pixels.
  • Right-click the pixel size and choose the location you’d like to store the image.
  • Once you have followed these steps, you will be able to download the episodes quickly.

Kiss Anime Famous Categories

There are certain categories in which Kissamine is well-known.

  • Romance
  • Fighting
  • Adventure
  • Vampire
  • Horror
  • And much more
  • Comedy
  • War Based
  • Thriller
  • Supernatural
  • Magic


On the kiss anime channel, we can view many anime shows. They offer a variety of types of genres and languages, as well as high-quality quality video and subtitles. The interface is simple to use and allows users to find their preferred shows.

Of course, there could be other sites offering anime series. However, due to its sophisticated features, it is one of the most popular and highly rated websites. You can even save videos to our list of videos to watch in accordance with our schedule.

Installation and downloading of the application are easy for both mobile and computer. Sometimes, however, the kissanime mobile isn’t working. All over the world, people are facing problems with the problem with the mobile’s kissanime not working.

Even if we try to search their website using Chrome, they’ll block it. It is essential to make use of VPN or Incognito mode should we want to use it. However, overall, the interface and features are user-friendly, modern and user-friendly to users of all ages.

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