Ever since we have started to use smart equipment, the remote has become quite an important equipment. No matter what the device is, it surely comes with a remote so that you can control the device as you desire. And with smart devices, we find smart remote as well.

Nowadays the peel smart remote is a need of the hour. And almost every smart device can be controlled by a peel smart remote.

What is a Peel Smart Remote?

Peel Smart Remote is an app which is used to control almost all the media and smart appliances. Some of the appliances that can be controlled by a peel smart remote are smart TVs, air conditioners, Apple TV, etc.

The peel smart remote app is available on both Android as well as iOS devices. The peel smart remote uses IR hardware technology as well as Wi-Fi to connect with smart devices. Peel has made our smartphones a universal remote for all smart devices.

Steps to Fix Peel Smart Remote if it is Not Working.

Even though there are many perks of using a Peel Remote, users can still face some complications using the remote. Most users couldn’t find out what’s wrong and how to fix the Peel Smart Remote. First of all, you should not get worried if your Peel Remote is not working properly. Because it can even happen even when you have done everything correctly. It can happen because of external issues.

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If your Peel Smart Remote isn’t working you can try out the following steps to fix it:-

1. Check IR on your Phone

The first thing you need to look at is IR if your peel remote not working. You should first make sure whether or not your phone has an IR-Blaster. IR-blasters are very important for working the peel smart remote. And the unavailability of IR blasters can directly affect the functioning of the peel smart remote.

If your phone has the IR blaster then you should check whether they are working properly or not.

There is a simple test you can perform to check the functionality of IR Blasters. You should take another phone, open its front camera, and points it to the smart remote. Now click any button on the peel smart remote and if there is a purple light blinking then it would mean IR blasters are working fine.

2. Determine the compatibility of your phone

Now that you have checked the function of IR blasters, you should check the compatibility of your phone. You should know that peel smart remote is only compatible with phones that have IR blasters. If your phone doesn’t have the IR blasters, then you can connect your phone with the same wifi which is connected to the smart device.

3. Check for Button Functionality.

The next thing you need to check when your peel remote isn’t working is to check the functionality of buttons.

It’s no brainer that you need all the buttons to function properly to fully control your smart device. This can happen only if all the buttons are properly functioning. You can see if they are working well or not by simply pointing out the remote to the device and check every button.

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If for some reason the buttons are not working properly, you might need to do something. Here you can go to the troubleshoot remote option (which will be available at the bottom of the screen). Now click on the Troubleshoot Remote option. Now you will be asked to follow ssome steps. By following these steps the remote would find out what’s troubling the buttons. Once the prproblem is known, the peel remote will resolve the issue within a short period.

4. Set up the application again.

If you are still facing the problem with your peel smart remote, then perhaps you should try to set up the whole application again. Even if you believe that you have done everything right, you might need to set up the whole thing again just to be sure.

Open the settings of your phone and look for the Peel Smart Remote App. After selecting it, you need to clear the cache and data. And force stop the app. Now restart your phone. After that, go to the Peel Smart Phone and Reconnect all your devices. This should certainly resolve all the issues and fix the peel smart remote.

How to Set Up Peel Smart Remote?

If you are wondering how to set up the Peel Smart Remote then this guide would help you.

The first thing you need to do is to install the Peel Smart Remote on your phone. For that, just search the Peel Smart Remote App in Play Store or App Store and install it. Once the app is installed, you need to do the following steps in order to set it up.

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1. Add Devices To Peel on Using IR

Adding the devices to Peel Smart Remote entirely depends on the availability of IR on your phone. If your phone has IR then can be connected to both online and offline gadgets. And if your phone doesn’t have IR then it can only be connected to online devices. You can to the app and follow the instructions. The app would ask you the brand and the kind of device you want to connect the remote. Connect it and see if it’s working properly by pressing the buttons on your Peel Smart Remote.

2. Add Devices to Peel Using Wi Wi-Fi

If your phone isn’t IR enabled then you will have to connect the devices using Wi-Fi. You will need to scan using Wi-Fi to search for the devices. And when the scan is complete and you see the devices you want to connect then click on them. The whole process would be automatic and there won’t be any manual searching option either. So if you are using a phone without IR then this is the way you add devices to Peel.

If you still face the error than contact Peel Helpdesk.


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