Cyber security training is the process of learning about the protection of computer systems and networks from beaches; aka, unauthorized access. Training enables you to understand how this happens, how to detect and patch vulnerabilities, and how to find these flaws yourself before a threat actor stops the risk of negative impact. 

What could the potential impacts of a breach be on your business? Breaches committed by cyber criminals can lead to financial losses and reputational damage across your market. This in turn can lead your consumers to lose trust and loyalty, stop shopping with you, and further impact revenue. Cyber security affects businesses in all industries of all sizes across the world, so a focus is crucial.

Cyber security generally follows two branches – blue teaming and red teaming. In a nutshell, these two paths look at defensive and offensive security, in that order. For businesses without an existing cyber security department, it could feel natural to focus on defensive security, to defend your company, right? Well, focusing on red teaming is absolutely key, to enable you to think like the hacker and expose flaws you may otherwise miss. 

TryHackMe is a cyber security training platform that offers learning labs in both blue and red teaming for all skill levels, for anyone in the world. You only need a browser to access over 560 training labs – of which over 350 are free. TryHackMe have just launched a red team hacker academy, which is a brand new technical pathway that builds off of the fundamentals formed in previous learning sessions, and dives into initial access, post compromise, host evasions, network security evasions, and compromising active directory.

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Red Team Month 

To celebrate this brand new advanced pathway with over 48 hours of training, TryHackMe celebrated everything red teaming in the month of September. The TryHackMe team interviewed people working in red teaming, ran an analysis on red teaming and the job market and opportunities you can find there, and shared resources about the benefits a red team focus has on companies. 

With this, you can also launch red team training for beginners that run through the fundamentals and key things to look out for – for example in businesses, learning about phishing and how a cyber criminal may execute this kind of attack can help arm your team with the knowledge of what to look out for, what to avoid, and how to mitigate risks. 

Getting started in Cyber Security

Whether adopting a cyber security mindset in your company or considering how to get into cyber security, training is key. Firewalls and various security software should be a part of your overarching strategy, but remember that human error is the key cause of breaches worldwide. Your team needs to know what to look out for and the steps they should take to avoid the risk. Your workforce can be your biggest strength and your greatest risk in this field, so training should be the foundational element of your planning. 

TryHackMe training is gamified and real-world. Training labs (aka rooms) are bite-sized, so users can easily pause and resume training where needed, around work responsibilities. The labs also only require a browser to access, so no extra downloads or hardware is needed to learn in action. 

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Gamification elements allow your team to want to keep learning, with streaks, badges, and games within the training itself. Your team can actively hack and defend machines in action, which replicates the roles they’ll be adopting at work – it’s a great way to transition learning into the workplace. 

Employees and Cyber Security 

Let’s dive into some of the statistics: 

  • 58% of employees ignore cyber security guidelines
  • 60% of small businesses fail in 6 months following a cyber breach 
  • 39% of employees are unlikely to report a cyber security incident in the workplace 

There is a clear lack of cyber security importance to the majority of the workforce. Whilst cyber security is a booming industry, it’s still increasingly clear how important a focus is to adopt, as you may see how vital it is, but your team may not. On a recurring basis, we see effects including financial losses, data breaches, and business failures. Security should absolutely be a focus for you and your business, whatever the size, wherever you are. 

Getting started is simply about understanding cyber security. Awareness courses are a great start to enable yourself and your team to truly understand how the web works and how breaches take place. TryHackMe has courses including cyber awareness and introductions to cyber security to walk through these topics and common threats such as phishing and malware awareness. 

Setting your workforce these gamified labs to take up can strengthen your business tenfold, enabling to flourish without the risk of threats and impacts following breach. TryHackMe has over 350 completely free training labs, and has premium subscriptions for as little as $10 a month, available worldwide.

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As your team progresses, a focus on advanced training and red teaming will enable you to think like attackers and find the flaws they would be searching for. This is the optimum way to protect your company and your assets. 

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