So, you love your coffee, and you like it strong. Debate rages over the best way to make espresso, but what is the best appliance for you, personally? Should you choose a stovetop coffeemaker or an espresso machine?

Start with the basics. We’ll go over the pros and cons of the two, primary espresso-making camps, and then you can see which features the best fit your lifestyle. After all, the ideal espresso appliance is only the best if you regularly use and enjoy it.

Stovetop Coffeemakers

Stovetop coffeemakers and espresso makers – also known as Moka pots – have been an Italian staple since the mid-1900s. These heat-powered percolators use simple science to brew strong, espresso-style coffee without electric plugs or batteries.

Benefits of Stovetop Coffeemakers

A stovetop coffeemaker makes a specific style of coffee, and it does that exceptionally well. It doesn’t take much trial and error to master the basics. The biggest change between cups of coffee will depend on the grounds themselves. There are no buttons and screens to learn. It’s a simple, reliable little machine.

Stovetop coffeemakers also cost less than most espresso machines. On top of that, they’re compact, which means a lot when you live in a small apartment, have limited storage, or already have a dozen appliances on your kitchen counters. A moka pot is a classic, affordable way for everyone to enjoy strong coffee in the morning.

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Drawbacks of Stovetop Coffeemakers

The humble moka pot has two primary drawbacks. First of all, it only makes a few servings at a time, and you have to clean the entire contraption before making more. Granted, there are Moka pots that makeup to twelve cups, but the smaller sizes are the easiest to manage on a day-to-day schedule. Of course, because stovetop coffeemakers tend to be more affordable, it’s reasonable to buy various sizes, provided you have adequate storage.

The second drawback – one that can’t be fixed by purchasing a larger version for the company – is variety. The Moka pot’s greatest benefit is also its greatest flaw. A stovetop coffeemaker makes one kind of coffee. It does that very, very well, but anyone who likes milk drinks (especially those with foam) will need to invest in additional equipment.

Espresso Machines

Espresso machines use electricity to power a complex brewing system. These countertop appliances can be just a little larger than a travel mug or bigger than a microwave. Some machines come with accessories, timers, water tanks, and more. Others produce three to six cups of simple espresso at a time.

Benefits Espresso Machines

Espresso machines come in all shapes and sizes with an equivalent range of price points. If you want more bells and whistles, you can buy them. If you want to keep things simple, then a nice espresso machine may be more affordable than you realize. Because espresso machines use electricity, most modern styles come with a clock and timer. This simple perk makes waking up easier because you don’t have to prep your coffee. It’s ready the minute you roll out of bed.

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Larger machines come with milk frothing tools and advanced settings for various espresso drinks. This ranges from an Americano to a flat white or frothy cappuccino. Some machines require hands-on practice. For example, a model with an exterior frothing wand requires the user to master the art of heating and frothing milk. Other models handle everything internally. In addition to a water tank, they feature milk tanks that preheat milk. The finished drink lands in the cup at the push of a few buttons.

Drawbacks Espresso Machines

The more features you want, the more you’ll need to invest. Added features usually involve bigger machines, too, so you will need a dedicated counter space for your espresso machine. They can be heavy and inconvenient to take out and put away every time you want a drink.

Espresso machines also have a learning curve. It may take a few days of practice and quality time with the user’s manual to understand your new machine. If your model has hands-on features like an exterior frothing wand, your skill and dedication will ultimately determine the quality of your final drink.

Which Suits Your Lifestyle?

There is no single feature that makes a coffeemaker best for every imaginable user. Your lifestyle, tastes, and habits determine which product is your ideal coffeemaker. Begin by setting a budget. Don’t worry if your dream espresso machine doesn’t fit right away. Save up for a few months to get what you really want and choose a simple, serviceable model that’s under budget for immediate use. You should also consider available space before making a purchase. Do you have room on your counters for a large machine, or should you consider a kitchen cart, moveable island, or dedicated coffee nook to make your brewing dreams come true?

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One of the biggest lifestyle forces that will affect your ideal coffeemaker is your morning energy level. Do you want a machine that does the work for you, or does a simple morning ritual sound relaxing? Lots of people enjoy the process of adding grounds and water to their Moka pot, setting it to boil, and starting their day. Others really like having a machine that has their coffee hot and ready like a well-trained butler.

The next thing to consider is what kind of espresso drinks you enjoy. If you like straight shots of espresso or simple Americanos, a basic espresso machine or stovetop coffeemaker will suit you perfectly. You don’t need anything else. If you like milky drinks, however, you will either need a machine that helps you heat and froth milk or shop for those accessories separately. Again, ease of use plays a role. If you are sleepy and distracted in the morning, and you crave a latte first thing, a machine that does all the work may be worth the expense. A machine’s value depends on how much you use it. That goes for additional features, too.

Whether you choose a stovetop coffeemaker or an espresso machine, buy your coffee equipment from Qavashop. Shop machines, stovetop coffee makers, and accessories that best suit your lifestyle.

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