Hey, guys. Are you shopping for a new signature fragrance? If so, you’ll want to consider more than just a brand name – especially if you’re planning to buy online.

Men’s scents are just as diverse as those designed for women. And, not every odor or strength will work for you! 

Sound confusing? No worries – this is your guide.

Keep reading for a detailed explanation of all the types of cologne you’ll be choosing from.

Types of Cologne

While shopping for men’s fragrances, you’ll notice a few shopping options other than scent. Start with these common terms to be sure you’re purchasing the right type:

  • Eau Fraiche: This blend contains one to three percent perfume oil and is heavily diluted with water or alcohol
  • Cologne: A more powerful product with higher concentrations between two and four percent 
  • Eau de Toilette (EDT): With concentrations between five and 15 percent, this product should be applied sparingly
  • Eau de Parfum (EDP): This fragrance category has the highest concentrations of oil between 15 and 20 percent

Now that you know the basic vocabulary when it comes to the types of men’s cologne, it’s time to learn about scent profiles.

Scents for Men

Cologne scents are broken down into four categories. These might sound pretty abstract if you’re a first-time shopper. But, making the right choice can be easy if you already own a bottle of cologne that you enjoy.

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Simply find the category of your favorite scent and start searching from there. Or, read up on scent categories ahead of time to decide which one suits you best. 

Not sure where to start shopping? Read up on some popular brands to start with, or see more here


This is the most traditional of all the types of cologne scents. Floral scents often include undertones of rose, jasmine, or gardenia – and can even venture into fruit aromas like peaches or berries.


These sensual and rich scents are defined by bold spices like vanilla, patchouli, and cinnamon. Musky scents including sandalwood also fall into this category, providing the heavy note behind Oriental fragrances.


This is among the most masculine of the different types of cologne. Derived from nature, these scents are similar to the orientals with notes of sandalwood, but also include odors like cedar and moss. These forest-inspired options are often refreshing and nostalgic.


Of all the types of cologne fragrances, this is the most youthful and upbeat. Fresh scents are vigorous and focused on citrus, green, and water aromas. Notes of orange, lemon, fresh-cut grass, and sea breeze are highlights among this category.

Proper Application is Key

No matter which type of cologne you select, it’s absolutely essential that you apply it properly

Too much, and your signature scent could become overpowering – a turnoff on dates, and a potential poor first impression in the business world. Too little, and it might go entirely unnoticed.

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Your Signature Scent

Now that you know a bit more about the different types of cologne out there, you’re probably excited to start shopping. That’s awesome! Armed with your new signature scent, you’ll be radiating confidence and smelling great.

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