How to Lyft Ride Cancellation Without Being Charged

Lyft is the second largest ride-sharing business of its kind in the US. It provides ride-sharing options including bike sharing, rental of vehicles as well as catering services. It is based in San Francisco, Lyft ride is considered to be one of the most popular alternatives to Uber. Lyft provides its services via an app for mobile devices that allows customers can reserve their rides wherever they want. If you have booked the Lyft ride and then decided to pull the ride due to specific reasons, you can cancel it with a couple of taps in the application. This Lyft app is now available for Android as well as iOS devices.

What You Need to Know about Cancelling a Lyft Ride

If you want to cancel a ride you must do so within 2 minutes to cancel without a cancellation fee. In the event that you delay it for more than 2 minutes, you’ll get a cost of approximately $10. Based on the location the cancellation fee can differ.

1. If you decide to end the ride, you can tap the Edit ride button at the bottom left corner on the screen.

2. Select Cancel ride.

3. You can confirm your reservation by pressing the Cancel ride button and then clicking Cancel.

4. You’ve canceled your scheduled trip successfully.

How to cancel a Lyft arranged Ride

1. Choose the calendar icon on the right side of the Lyft home screen of the app.

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2. Tap the X above the scheduled route you would like to take.

3. Hit on the Cancel option in order to affirm your cancellation.

Lyft Ride Cancellation Policy

There are specific conditions that must be followed for the cancellation of rides. Lyft utilizes cancellation fees and no-show penalties to ensure that drivers are paid for their effort and time. Customers can cancel their rides with no charges if the reasons are in line with Lyft’s cancellation rules and conditions. If you decide to cancel your ride after the driver has started to drive or you have received an arrival date, you’ll receive a cancel charge of $2. If you did not arrive at the pick-up location for more than 5 minutes your ride will be canceled and you’ll receive the cancellation cost. If you believe you were charged excessively take the necessary procedures to return the money you paid.

1. Start the app, then select to open the menu. Tap the Menu icon.

2. On the page for ride history Select the ride that you’d like to take.

3. Scroll down and choose Help.

4. Provide a brief explanation The support team will look into your inquiry. If you’ve been charged excessively you will get your money returned.

Have you found the correct way to end or reschedule your Lyft ride? If not, you can mention your issues in the comments section. We’ll assist you to resolve the issue. Follow our Facebook and twitter pages to read additional articles quickly.


1. Can you unsubscribe from Lyft at no cost?

If you choose to cancel your reservation before the driver has been designated to you, then you will not be charged.

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2. What is the cost of the Lyft cancellation charge?

The cancellation cost varies between $5 and $10.

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