Imagine sitting around with your dog only for it to fall, lose consciousness or start making random uncontrolled movements. 

Seizures are pretty scary to witness and could sometimes be life-threatening for the parties affected. 

However, CBD oils have been proven to have a positive effect and even resolve them. For more details, you can checkout Holistapet for canines and get all your questions answered.

But first, what are seizures?

The brain resembles an electrical grid in its activity. Seizures occur when there is a sudden disturbance in the brain’s electrical activity, and a change of behavior often accompanies them. 

This change usually involves a shift or complete loss of consciousness, sudden jerking movements of the body, twitching, difficulty or inability to swallow, and inability to bark.

The sudden disturbance in brain activity in dogs may result from a variety of reasons. Some of them include low or high blood sugar and electrolyte imbalance. 

Issues of major organs such as the brain, kidneys, or liver also cause them. Additionally, anemia, head trauma, embolism, and encephalitis are other probable causes.

Mechanism of action, administration, and dosage

Cannabidiol is a component of the hemp plant. It exists together with the active ingredient that causes a “high” THC. However, in CBD oil, THC is eliminated.

The body has an endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for regulating certain functions in the brain, organs, organ glands, and nervous system. A disruption in the homeostatic balance in any of these parts may cause symptoms, seizures being among them. Cannabidiol works to restore balance in the endocannabinoid system, leading to the cessation of the symptoms presented by the imbalance. 

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Cannabidiol oil is an excellent substitute for synthetic medications, and it has only a few side effects on dogs. You may be wondering, “wont it get my dog high?” The answer is no. The component in cannabis that causes the euphoric high is THC. In the hemp plant, cannabidiol occurs in higher dosages than THC. 

In addition, when it comes to extraction and processing of the oil, a lot of the ingredient is eliminated. As such, a dog will enjoy the natural health benefits without the risk of getting high. See this guide on how the oil can help dogs with seizures 

You can administer the natural remedy in several different ways. Some of the methods are direct, while others are indirect. One straightforward way to administer is by applying the phytocannabinoid orally. 

The easiest way to accomplish this is through a dropper. However, when that is absent, any method to pass it through the mouth is suitable. For example, you may use small containers or pour the substance in your hands for the dog to lick. It would be best to do this when the animal is calm. Avoid being forceful or gagging it with the medication.

The indirect methods to administer are through treats or by missing it with dog food. It is best to ensure the treat can absorb the medication. When administering in food, add a few drops to the animal’s meal, then mix thoroughly and feed.

You may be wondering, “Just how much is enough?” When it comes to CBD dosage, there is no one-size-fits-all. The amount and frequency to administer varies from dog to dog and depending on the severity of the seizures. 

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Trial and error work best to identify a dog’s ideal dose. You may start with a minimal dosage and frequencies. Then continually adjust or maintain it depending on the symptoms an animal portrays. You may also use a dog’s weight to determine its suitable dosage. If you’re looking for the best CBD products for your dog, then you should know that CBDfx is a trusted maker of CBD for dogs from where you can get all the high-quality CBD products at a very affordable price

Administering 2 mg of cannabidiol for every kilogram of the dog is often recommended.  It is also important to do this after consulting with your vet. Doing this helps to lower the margin of error. However, rest assured that the likelihood of an overdose is low.

Factors to consider when using CBD oil for seizures

  1. Treatment alternatives. A variety of reasons causes seizures in canines. Consider the animal’s health history in such situations. Is the episode life threatening? Is another medical alternative safer or faster? For example, when extensive kidney problems cause the symptom, a transplant is a quicker alternative to solve it.
  1. Extent and frequency of seizures. The severity of illness or disorder is indicated by how convulsions occur and how long they last. This information is crucial in determining dosage.
  1. Cost. As with everything else, the charge is a crucial factor when treating using cannabidiol. Certain brands are available at different prices. While some o the best brands may be costly, it is important to remember that cost does not always reflect quality. It would be best to inquire from a vet or other pet owners that have used it.
  1. Certificate of Analysis. An analysis appears on the product labeling as well as the product description online or in listings. It gives information on the contents of the product. It also entails details about the microbes, heavy metals, or pesticides that may be in the item. Organic CBD works best.
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Other conditions it solves

Apart from seizures, you may use CBD oil for anxiety, pain, nausea, excessive barking, or when the dog displays aggression. Click here to read a comprehensive guide about the oil.


Watching your dog having a seizure can be pretty scary or even traumatic. However, CBD oil is a great way to control and eventually resolve them. Remember to stay calm in the event of a seizure. Remove any objects that may cause immediate danger as the spasms wear out. Also, ensure that the animal is in a position with the airways fully open. Do not administer the oil or any medication during an episode as it may cause choking.

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