Instagram stories are one of the best features of Instagram. As per research, more than 500 million global accounts check stories every day. Additionally, one-third of the Instagram stories contain business promotion. As many people are using Instagram stories, you need to develop a strategy if you’re using Instagram stories to share your business-related content.  

Like other regular uploads, it’s good to develop stories by combining promotional with lighthearted content. The great thing about Instagram stories is that they have tons of attractive stickers. Hence, it’s the best place to show your creativity. Apart from that, you can also design high-quality stories by using new applications. 

While creating your Instagram stories strategy, make sure everything is related to your brand. The same is also applicable for promotional content on Instagram stories. In this article, we will discuss the top 6 tips for creating unique Instagram stories for your fashion brand.

Include Links in Your Instagram Stories

If you have a business account on Instagram with more than 10,000 followers, you can use Instagram stories to drive traffic to your account. All you need to do is upload a story with photos of a product from your company, add different environments and then include a call-to-action at the end. 

You can also include the website URL of your fashion business in your stories. This way your viewers can visit your website by swiping up Instagram stories. However, you need to educate your viewers so that they can easily go to your website. Additionally, don’t forget to include stickers, GIFs, or other designs to make your fashion stories unique. 

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Share Emoji Sliders or Poll Stickers on Your Stories

Do you want to survey the interests, thoughts, dislikes, and likes of your Instagram followers? Instagram stories are the best and most effective way to achieve that. 

Whether you need to entertain your followers or collect feedback regarding new fashion products, using poll stickers in Instagram stories is the best way to engage with your followers. 

Many fashion brands use emoji sliders and poll stickers to know the rating of their products. These stickers will also help you to know if your audience loves the recently launched product. 

Ask Questions in Your Instagram Stories

Unlike emoji sliders or poll stickers where the audiences vote on the questions you submit, adding question stickers on Instagram stories will allow your audiences to submit questions for you to answer. If you want to boost traffic on your Instagram fashion page, buy Instagram comments

Additionally, the question sticker on Instagram is also one of the great ways to start a business conversation with your audiences. If you think that you need to talk with your followers regarding your fashion business, you need to use question stickers. These stickers will not only help you to collect feedback but also allow you to build a relationship with your audiences. 

Share GIFs on Your Instagram Stories

In 2019, Instagram collaborated with GIPHY to create a list of high-quality GIFs on Instagram stories. This helps Instagram users to add funny and expressive GIFs to any video or photo in Instagram stories. 

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Many people think that adding GIF stickers in Instagram stories is hard, but in general, the process is very simple. Just tap the sticker section and search for the new GIF option. Click it and you’ll find thousands of funny and attractive stickers powered by GIPHY. 

Apart from that, many brands are developing customized GIFs for their Instagram stories. They are also encouraging their audiences to use custom GIFs. 

Using this feature consistently will improve the personality of your Instagram stories. You can also build a loyal following. 

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Use Countdown Stickers

If you’re planning to share an Instagram story regarding your upcoming product, you can include a countdown sticker to build up the hype. 

This way your audiences can subscribe to the countdown event. Upon subscribing, they will receive a reminder when the countdown is complete. As per Social Insider, Instagram stories will help you to improve you’re the visibility of your brand.

Whether you’re planning to promote your upcoming fashion product or event, using countdown stories will help you to generate better results. 

Share Instagram Posts and IGTV 

Do you know that you can share your Instagram posts and IGTV videos on the stories? Upon sharing IGTV videos or posts in Instagram stories, it will display the username of the original creator. This way the users and click and check out the original content. 

Many fashion brands are uploading their photos and videos on Instagram stories to enhance the reach of their posts. As more people are paying attention to Instagram stories, you can use this method to promote your fashion business on Instagram stories.

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These are the 6 tips you need to remember while creating Instagram stories for your fashion brand. Remember that timing is very crucial in the fashion industry. Hence, you have to be punctual so that you can connect easily with your audiences. 

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