Modern Lightweight cloth masks

In light of this chronic outbreak of pandemic — Corona, the first question that springs up in everyone’s mind is how can we save ourselves from infectious people?

We all need to unite and cooperate. As citizens, it is our moral duty to follow the instructions of the doctors and Public health experts. Social distancing, Washing hands whenever we enter our homes, and wearing masks are the preventive measures everyone should follow.

Not only to protect ourselves from diseases, but masks also protect us from dust and other types of air pollution. You still have to wear masks even if you are properly vaccinated.

Wearing masks all the time can also be irritating. Because of this, we all want lightweight face masks. So upgrade your masks to some modern unique cloth face masks.

Here we have mentioned a few different types of bulk cloth face masks:

The most stylish face masks are “sport masks.” People usually prefer black sports masks as they look attractive. This bulk face cloth mask has a unique mouth that allows it to perform well, making it more active and comfortable. 

It has two layers.

  • Outer water resistant layer
  • Inner antimicrobial layer

It also has a layer of UPF that protects your skin from high ultraviolet rays. 

Another new unique style mask is the “NxTSTOP” cloth face mask. Wholesale markets have bulk face cloth masks, one of which is “NxTSTOP face masks.” They have adjustable, double-layered masks with a wire inserted just above the nose for a more snug fit.

These masks have the following properties:

  • Adjustable ear loops
  • Flexible metal nose strap
  • Stretch fabric
  • An additional chin section that conforms to your chin for a snug
  • The Chin section comfortably fits in many different face shapes
  • They also have a breathable version that is specially designed for exercise
  • The exercise version contains a layer that keeps you cool while you are running or hiking.
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Let’s introduce you to another stylish “Dyed Cotton mask.”

Wholesalers also offer dyed cotton bulk cloth face masks. These tie-dye masks have the following properties:

  • They are designed to match your tie-dye hoodies and dresses. These masks contain rainbow colors and look very appealing.
  • They contain a filter pocket. 
  • Adjustable ear cups.
  • Fit your nose even without a nose wire.
  • Best for bikers who wear helmets.

“Happy face masks are masks with digital designs on them. Children are also at high risk of this pandemic, especially those with less immunity. Children need to be taken care of a lot as they are well aware of the consequences of the virus. So, These masks are specially designed for kids. Kids usually love cartoons, princesses, unicorns, butterflies, or things that make them happy.

These masks have the following properties:

  • They are small in size because they are made especially for kids.  
  • These contain nanofibers. Nanofiber filters are a bit stiffer. 
  • They easily fit on their faces.
  • These masks are soft and comfortable. So kids can easily wear them during school, running, or playing without getting irritated.

However, there are different types of bulk cloth face masks. Choose according to your taste and comfort. Wear face masks and keep a 6 feet distance to avoid diseases.

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