You are interested in getting a degree in business, but you have no idea what you want to do with it.

It can be difficult to choose what career to pursue, especially when you do not know all the types of business careers available or what the highest paying careers in business are.

Here are some of the top business administration jobs to get after you graduate.

1. Human Resources Specialist

Human resource specialists make an average of $51,581 per year. Being a human resource specialist generally requires a bachelor’s to master’s degree.

HR specialists’ primary role is to make sure a company is operating safely and effectively according to the company’s policies and government safety regulations. 

They are also in charge of recruiting and hiring, administering benefits, and negotiating salaries.

A career as a human resource specialist may be a good fit if you are skilled at negotiation and conflict resolution.

2. Accountant

Accountants make an average of $53,806 per year and are required to have a bachelor’s degree at minimum.

Accountants are primarily in charge of a company’s finances and have a focus on saving money and maximizing cash flow. Other responsibilities include analyzing financial records and preparing budget reports for investors.

A career as an accountant may be ideal if you are highly organized and are good with numbers and finances.

3. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors make an average of $65,278 per year and are generally required to have a bachelor’s degree.

Financial advisors primarily help individuals or companies with budgeting finances. They do this by evaluating the salaries and assets of their clients and using market trends and investments to increase clients’ assets.

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Financial advisors should not only be good at handling finances but should also have a good understanding of stocks.

4. Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts make an average of $75,700 per year and are required to have a bachelor’s degree at minimum.

The primary responsibilities of an operations research analyst are to give decision-makers support by performing detailed analyses, managing resource allocation, and creating reports.

A job as an operations research analyst may be ideal if you enjoy researching and can interpret statistics.

5. Business Development Manager

Business development managers make an average of $67,452 per year. They are usually required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, plus relevant experience.

The primary responsibilities of business development managers are to increase company growth by identifying market trends and using them to develop financial strategies. They also work to ensure customer satisfaction by working with both employees and clients.

Business development managers should be able to predict what general customers want and create financial strategies based on that.

6. Management Analyst

Management analysts make an average of $65,800 per year and are required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Management analysts have the primary responsibilities to analyze data and create reports recommending strategies, policies, and solutions to improve company efficiency and financial growth.

You may be a good management analyst if you have good mathematic, communication, and problem-solving skills, as well as an understanding of how to manage finances.

7. Executive Assistant

Executive assistants make an average of $54,500 per year and are required to have an associate’s degree at minimum.

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Executive assistants prepare reports, handle correspondence, and create the schedule for an executive.

This is a good option if you want experience working business administration jobs before pursuing a bachelor’s degree. In such cases, it is best to find college programs that are specifically designed for students to get a job with an associate’s degree, such as InterCoast programs.

8. Product Manager

Product managers make an average of $96,022 per year. They are often required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, plus relevant experience.

Product managers are primarily responsible for making sure a product sells successfully. This includes working with the project team, ensuring the product is functional, and making product adjustments when necessary.

A product manager should have good problem-solving skills and an understanding of the product’s market. 

9. Actuary

Actuaries make an average of $111,764 per year. They are required to have a bachelor’s degree and a number of certifications.

The primary job of an actuary is to analyze a company’s financial risk in areas including work-related accidents, injury, illness, or death. Among other things, an actuary reviews data and statistics to predict the financial risk of these various scenarios.

Actuaries need to be adept in multiple mathematical skills and have good communication skills.

10. Investment Banker

Investment bankers make an average of $64,520 per year. A business career as an investment banker requires a bachelor’s degree at minimum, but you may be expected to obtain a master’s degree.

Investment bankers manage the financial portfolio of a company. This usually is in the form of offering advice and overseeing transactions.

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They provide assistance to organizations by raising money or identifying areas to budget. They may also assist an organization by issuing bonds and buying stocks.

A job as an investment banker may be ideal if you have a good understanding of finances, stocks, and market trends.

Find the Right Business Administration Job For You Today

There are several types of business administration jobs that suit a variety of skills and personalities.

Whether you just want an associate’s or are aiming for a master’s, getting a business degree can get you a high-paying business administration job that can apply to a variety of fields.

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