Korean culture has unprecedentedly been taking the world by storm. From K Pop songs to K Dramas to K Pop groups like Girls’ Generation, to name one, to Korean cinema to the Korean alphabet, it seems that many individuals want to become a native Korean speakers so they can learn more about the culture and connect better with Korean companies if you are a professional wanting the learn about this foreign language.

There are several opportunities for one to be able to learn this native language. There are various institutions, including a wide range of Korean companies, offering courses when it comes to learning Korean language skills. Moreover, it is even more convenient now to learn the Korean language since there are several courses wherein you can learn how to speak Korean online. These utilize the convenience of the World Wide Web to teach people about the Korean language.

What Are The Benefits Of Learning Korean Language?

Learning how to go about speaking Korean offers a lot of benefits for the individual. Aside from getting themselves near to the culture that houses these foreign languages, it also enhances their personal and business relationships with the East Asian country, Korea. Beyond learning, for instance, Chinese characters, immersing into this new language and one of the East Asian languages, Korean, will pave the way for the person to strengthen their South Korean relations.

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Before heading over to the benefits of learning the Korean language, let us look at the overview of what the language is about.


The Korean Language

Korean pertains to the official language of South Korea and North Korea, with a total population of an estimated 73 million — 50 million in South Korea and 23 million in North Korea.

Korean is also the language spoken by various Korean communities in the United States where 1.7 million Korean-Americans area, 1.1 million are foreign-born, and over 50 percent have limited proficiency in English. Aside from the United States, Korean is also spoken by ethnic communities in China, Central Asia, and Japan.

The Rich History And Culture Of South Korea

Korea takes pride in its rich history and culture, making it the perfect place to study in general. It has performed a very crucial role in the history of East Asia, notable through relations with China and Japan, proving that a better understanding of Korea is required to understand East Asia fully.

Not only these, Korean pop culture or the so-called “Hallyu,” which translates to “Korean wave, ” has gone beyond merely K Pop and K Drama or Korean dramas, but this Korean wave has inspired its followers to discover more about Korean culture. To some extent, the Korean culture and lifestyle have become part of many cultures.

Through learning Korean, the awareness for this vibrant culture is developed.

The Korean Tradition

Despite it being a modernized country, South Korea keeps its traditional nature where knowledge of Korean culture and Korean language is a huge plus to anybody interested in certain things like Korean universities, South Korea’s ministry, foreign affairs, the Korean people, foreign language studies, many Korean companies with regards to business, and more.

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It is interesting to note that Korea places high value on trust and interpersonal relationships in doing business, another reason why learning the language is indeed valuable.

The Advantages

Career Opportunities

Among the biggest advantages of learning Korean language skills is the career opportunity that awaits the learner. South Korea is touted as the 11th largest economy in the world, the sixth-largest exporter, and the sixth-biggest trading partner of the United States.

With this position of Korea in the worldwide economy, this East Asian nation is projected to be the seventh-largest economy globally by 2030.

Aside from the rich culture, South Korea is also home to the most popular brands, including Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Kia, and Lotte, to name a few.

Thousands of companies in the United States are actively doing international business with the Korean community in various areas that include web development, law, logistics, banking, project management, law enforcement, science, and so much more. Thus, Korean fluency in terms of the language is truly a breakthrough.

Careers In The Government

Another great benefit to learn Korean involves international relations and security. Did you know that beginning 1953 and the end of the Korean War, North Korea and South Korea have been divided by a miles-long Demilitarized Zone of DMZ? North Korea is being stereotyped as a country where communism dominates and a nuclear threat. For anybody who wants to learn further about these details, Korean, even basic Korean, is essential learning.

People who know how to speak the Korean language are highly-prized by agencies, including the Department of State to the United States military and the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA. These offices are actively seeking individuals who know how to speak Korean, and not just this, but those who have in-depth knowledge about Korean culture.

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Korean is also a designated critical language, a designation given to languages regarded for their strategic significance to the national security of the United States. Furthermore, there are various government-funded scholarships for those who want to pursue learning the Korean language.

Korean Proficiency Is A Mark Of Distinction

More and more learners are realizing the various advantages of having Korean language skills. Learning Korean, getting a good grasp of Korean language, and taking Korean language classes are impressive and distinctive accomplishments that will open up many opportunities. Why don’t you learn Korean language and study Korean starting right now?

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