Learning management systems are the new way of teaching. LMS uses graphics, pictures, videos, and other such attractive things to teach. Visual learning helps students to understand things simply. Most LMS such as Litmos LMS provides features like documentation, live sessions, online tutorials, and webinars to train. Indeed, for many, the traditional method of teaching might seem easier and less confusing, but with LMS you get an effective way to track the learning process, a feature that is unmatchable. Along with that, it is cost-effective and helps with time management. 

Following are a few reasons that illustrate why LMS is a crucial tool for universities.

  1. Portable: traditional learning has the thing of binding students to one place and time. With LMS, students can access classes from anywhere in the world. As a result, even on vacation, they can never miss out on the class. 
  2. Flexibility with time: Most LMS are programmed in a way that the classes, presentations, documents, and any other required material are stored in their cloud. As a result, students have the flexibility with time and they can learn whenever they want. People who are working as well as learning can benefit from such a system. 
  3. A fun way of learning: There is no such thing as boring with LMS. As the learning is online and one can access it anytime anywhere, no student will face boredom. Furthermore, the added benefit of interactive learning cannot be overlooked.
  4. Data Storage: As the whole learning process has become online most LMSs use data storage clouds. Due to this, an LMS can provide a wide range of courses for every field, and that too under one roof. 
  5. Tracking student progress: There is no need for physical records, large files, and a bunch of pages to manage the student records. You can create, track and supervise the records of any student with a few clicks. This is a more convenient and transparent option in the learning and teaching process.
  6. Parental access: As the tracking records of students get easy with an LMS, the parents can also have the record of their children within reach. This offers easy access for parents to manage their children’s studies anytime.
  7. Remote learning: It’s possible to access everything online. Shopping, paying bills, even doctor visits are virtually available, so why not education? With the Covid situation all over the world, we have faced a pandemic situation and were forced to stay at home. An LMS will make sure that students keep learning even when they are howe.
  8. Self-studies: Students have the ability to access so many resources that they are able to study on their own. Taking control of one’s own learning is one of the biggest advantages of self-study. Students become more engaged and motivated when they have control over their learning. 
  9. Economic choice: Having an LMS in university will cut overall costs. With online learning, the cost of paper, journals, stationery, and other material required will be nullified. It is an economical choice not only for universities but also for students.
  10. Ed-tech: LMS will act as an advancement in the teaching process for universities. The education system must keep up with the fast pace of development in the tech world.
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To ensure that organizations are able to stay dynamic and agile in the future, establishing strong online training programs will become an essential component. To transfer teaching and learning to the virtual world will be challenging. This is where LMS comes into play. Unless you have the right LMS, the process will be nearly impossible.

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