If you have the luck to spend a vacation in Paris, it’s a crime not to get into a local coffee shop to order a mug of hot java. Many great cafes can help you feel the atmosphere of this city. Nevertheless, there are some leaders highly rated by the visitors. Scroll down and read about the best coffee shops to grab a cup in Paris. 

Substance Café

It is a small and homely coffee shop that has an attractive interior. These guys have only 16 seats, so it’s not a noisy and crowded place. Also, they don’t offer coffee takeaway, so no lines disturb people inside. The owners think that java has to be consumed in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the taste of this drink. They also have their roastery, so all the beans they grind are prepared using secret technology.

Ten Belles Bread

In a nutshell, it is one of the best bakeries in Paris. These guys make top-tier baguettes and beans. They also make top-notch sandwiches. However, according to reviews, people often order meals with coffee there, which is one of the best in Paris. Therefore, if you’re hungry and want to sip a mug of top-quality coffee, Ten Belles Bread is a great spot. 

La Caféothèque

It is a unique place that will help you get distracted from the hustle and bustle of a large city. This coffee shop is a dedicated place with an outstanding interior. There are a lot of plants and creative drawings on the walls. The furniture is handmade, so visitors dive into the world of coffee craft. Also, there are a lot of interesting old machines that were used for roasting and preparing beans. It’s rather a coffee museum that serves tasty java.

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Coutume Café

This one is an inviting place that has a modern-looking interior. There, you can order super tasty java that will tease your taste buds. Also, these guys are good at preparing amazing meals. So if you’re a meat-lover, you will find a lot of unique dishes there as well.

Hexagone Café

Those who adore minimalism as an interior solution will definitely like this cafe. It is a unique place where you can grab a mug of unique java. The beans are roasted in the United Kingdom and delivered to the coffee shop. There, they are ground and prepared by skilled professionals. The unique methods applied help highlight the top taste qualities of coffee beans.

Nuage Café

It is a unique place that is ideal for people who work remotely and students. It is a co-working space that has a cozy and alluring interior. If you’re a student who has never thought, “Can someone write an essay for me?” you can come to the place and pay 4 euro per hour. There, you will find a dedicated place to start working on your assignment. By paying such a price, you will get the ability to order barista-grade coffee and grab treats without any limits. 

Télescope Café

This cafe is a small place where you will be greeted with warmth. The owner sources the best beans from Dublin. Then, they inspect and grind them using pro equipment. A skilled barista prepares tasty java, so it is a great spot to sip tasty Parisian coffee. When the weather is warm, clients prefer hanging on a bench outside, which is occupied almost all the time. 

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Coffee Spoune

It is a lovely place that will help you relax and enjoy tasty java. These guys offer a large assortment of different drinks prepared by applying various methods. Therefore, you will be able to order almost any java drink there. Also, they serve outstanding desserts and some meals. However, their selling point is the patterns they create on java. Their baristas are true professionals in this art. 

Steel Cyclewear Coffeeshop

In case you’re a cyclist, you have to visit this coffee shop. It is a small place that has a minimalistic interior. The owner uses bikes as a part of the interior that seems to be a good solution. These guys offer great espresso and have menus that foresee the ability to save on meals. It is one of the best coffee shops in Paris, according to reviews at Google

Boot Café

It’s probably the tiniest cafe in Paris. There is a bar and a few sitting places inside, so it never gets crowded. It has an old-fashioned exterior and a modern-looking interior. The cafe is almost always decorated with flowers that make the atmosphere more inviting. Their baristas are good at creating tasty java that forces many people to become their loyal clients. However, the owner states that the secret lies in a special blend of beans sourced from Norway. 

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