Although fresh lobsters are the most popular, they can be more expensive than frozen ones if you’re not careful. But just because it’s frozen doesn’t mean it’s bad! Frozen lobster can actually taste fresher than the fresh variety if you find the right place to buy it from and prepare it correctly when you get home. Read on to find out how to buy the best frozen lobster in Singapore, as well as some top recipes to try with your catch:

1. Lobsters That Are Frozen at Sea

Lobsters caught in the wild and frozen at sea are often of superior quality to those that have been kept in tanks or ponds for some time. They are also very affordable as a result of their being cheaper to transport and preserve. This means you can get hold of a top-quality lobster without overspending on shipping and preservation costs.

2. Buy Direct

If you can, buy best frozen lobster in Singapore directly from the fishing vessels. This will ensure that your food is as fresh as it can be. If you don’t have a local supplier or don’t want to decide on your lobster life, then stick with frozen seafood companies that have been around for years, like Ocean Prawn Co. in Singapore. They have always made sure their seafood has been caught, preserved, and rushed to the market as quickly as possible to get you the freshest meal possible.

3. Avoid Seasonal Lobsters

If you want to taste the best lobster, you’re better off avoiding lobsters caught during the summer or autumn months, particularly those caught by trawling. These lobsters tend to be thicker and have a less delicate taste. You’re also more likely to get them at a lower price in June and July, so save your cash for freshies in other months.

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4. Buy in Season

Lobsters tend to be at their best during the months of May and June and October, but there are exceptions. As a general rule, lobsters caught in the winter months tend to be slightly firmer shells and less succulent meat. You can’t guarantee a specific date, so check online for the most up-to-date info on lobster species and availability! You can also ask the fishmonger you buy from if they will do anything for you – your loyalty is worth something.

5. Good Fish

Make sure you buy good fish, or your lobster will turn out like Swiss cheese! Make sure to check the firmness and freshness of the lobster you’re buying. As a rule, pick up a live lobster at a fish market and have it examined by your local fishmonger. If someone tells you that their lobsters are frozen at sea but still have eyes open, then don’t buy them! Lobsters are definitely live. They do not eye up until they are dead. Try the nearest supermarket or fish wholesaler or even a fish monger who will show you big fat lobsters. If they are dead and cold, they will have closed eyes, and you’re right to avoid them.

6. Avoid Fancy Lobsters

The best lobsters are usually those caught by mackerel fishermen – they’re small, firm, and tasty! Avoid fancy lobster if you’re looking for a good deal as well. Fancier lobsters can be tasty, but they’re usually small and tasteless. If you’re going to pay full price for it, then you’re probably better off with a frozen lobster.

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Well-priced lobster is definitely on the rise. This is good news for anyone who wants to enjoy their delicious seafood delicacy to the full, with no compromise on the quality at all – remember that the best-quality frozen seafood is affordable, and you can’t tell by a quick glance.

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