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VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it is used to hide our IP Address. This would further help you hide your data traffic so you can safely browse and get unlimited access. People use VPN for many reasons including for privacy and protection from unauthorized access. You can also tackle the geo-restrictions and browse with military-grade protection as well. 

Although VPN is quite useful and efficient when it comes to browsing, but it’s overall functionality totally depends on the VPN app you are using. The functionality and efficiency of VPN varies from one VPN app to another. This is why it is important that you choose the best VPN app. 

To help you out, we are reviewing iTop VPN, a popular and top-rated VPN for windows. So let’s move forward and find out why it is the best.

Why iTop VPN For Windows is the Best? 

The iTop VPN is feature packed and has gained a lot of appreciation from the users. This one has everything that you can ask for from a Windows VPN, so let’s find out the features of iTop VPN and see why it is considered the best for Windows. 

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1. Unlimited Bandwidth and Faster Speed 

One of the features that users look for in a VPN is the speed. No matter how good the overall VPN for Windows is, but if it is slower, then it is good for nothing. 

When it comes to iTop VPN For Windows you will get an unlimited bandwidth and faster speed. So you can enjoy fast browsing without any bandwidth restrictions. 

2. No Logging Policy 

A lot of people use VPN for PC for protecting their privacy but they often don’t realize that the VPN provider is the one that is stealing and selling their data. As you use the VPN for Windows, it tracks your IP Address and other information from your device, this can lead to privacy theft. 

iTop VPN on the other hand doesn’t require any logging so it won’t track, store, or sell hour data. This means your privacy would be fully protected which makes it a safer option than its competitors. 

3. Military Grade Encryption 

Another one of the benefits that you would get from the iTop VPN is the Military Grade Encryption. It provides high end privacy protection no matter where you are, it would hide your actual location and prevent your online activities as well. The online activities include browsing, streaming, online payment, etc. This means you will get an extra layer of protection from the hackers and authorities. 

4. Worldwide Server Coverage

No matter where you are, if you are using an iTop VPN for Windows, you would be able to get access to any server in the world. They have servers in all the popular locations in the world. This means you will be able to stream or browse at high speed and that too with worldwide access. It is also helpful in updating the geographically locked content. So if you want to watch a Netflix show that hasn’t been released in your area, the iTop VPN might be the answer for your dilemma. 

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5. Multiple Connection Mode 

There are a total of three different connection modes. This results in a great user experience and better performance as well. The three connection modes are the following: 

Safeguard Mode: this would provide you the safest surfing experience. 

Balance Mode: with this mode, you will find a great combination of flexibility and speed. 

Game Mode: here you will get a super fast speed for gaming and streaming. 

6. Kill Switch 

It also comes with a Kill Switch option which would prevent all traffic as soon as it identifies that VPN service is no longer connected. You would be able to browse the web while your data becomes available for your ISP and other online trackers without switching. There is a circuit breaker which prevents this from happening. It ensures that you don’t lose your original IP Address or other personal information. 

7. Unlock Geo Restricted Websites 

With iTop VPN for Windows, you would be able to unlock the geo restricted websites and stream all the content that you won’t be able to access otherwise. They provide access to online games, streaming content, browsing content, etc. This includes games, Netflix, and other websites that have been banned in our area. 

8. Free Servers in the United States 

You will find many free VPN services, but it is hard to find the servers in the United States, this is where the iTop becomes a better option than any other VPN provider. You will find several free servers in the United State which makes it one of the best VPN for Windows. 

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9. Connect upto 5 Devices 

iTop VPN For Windows allows you to connect up to 5 devices which makes it affordable as you don’t have to invest in separate VPN services for your different devices. It is simple to use so just connect to your account and use your VPN right away. 

10. 24/7 Support 

They provide 24/7 support to their users, so if you have any issue or problem while using this VPN service you can easily connect to their support team. 

11. Easy and Transparent Pricing 

When it comes to the pricing, iTop VPN impresses us again. You will find easy and transparent pricing with some of the best value offers as well. There is also a free version of iTop available which allow you to use it upto 700 MB, after that you will have to switch to the paid version. 


With all things said, it is safe to say that the iTop VPN for Windows is the best without any doubt. Whether it’s the high end features or the low prices, it makes a better option than its competitors. Overall, with iTop VPN, you will get the best quality, features, and value for money, so this one should be your first pick for the best VPN for Windows. 

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