In order to integrate your process well with the Content Management System, you should work with WordPress to get a nice workflow. App developers always need good resources and as much as possible not to be pressured by time. This is the reason why it is great that you have Laravel that can be integrated with WordPress. 

Whether you are using WordPress as API for Laravel to manage a Laravel WordPress API or you use Corcel, it is valuable to know how to integrate Laravel and WordPress. A Laravel WordPress integration can provide enormous advantages for you, and that is why we will see how to integrate them by using Corcel.

Corcel can be a bridge between Laravel and WordPress since it enables programmers to use the information that is retrieved directly from WordPress. So let’s start.

Integration Through Corcel

There are several steps that will go through in order to see the integration. First, having Corcel WordPress can give you significant advantages because, as mentioned earlier, it allows programmers to retrieve information directly. 

Corcel is actually a PHP set of model classes, and by becoming a bridge between these two, it gives the programmer the chance to use WordPress for inserting data in the Laravel app and as a back-end administration of your working project.

Let’s get into the steps of integration with Corcel:

Installation of Corcel

This is usually the place where you start with any operation, and it is the same here; you first have to install Corcel. Then, you will have to execute a command in your terminal app, but before you do that, you will have to download Corcel. 

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GitHub is the place where you can download the Corcel PHP, and you will need to use Composer for the installation process, which is a dependency manager. The execution of the command in the terminal app is the following one:

composer require jgrossi / corcel

After you execute it, you should also configure some of the settings in the Laravel installation, but more or less, this is the process of installation. Now you have begun the process, so let’s go to the next step of integration.

Configure Laravel for Corcel

For most of the Laravel versions, or at least for versions that are Laravel 5.5 or made later, you won’t have to do this because of Laravel’s AutoDiscovery function. This function will give Corcel the option to register itself. 

But, when in need of older versions, you will have to do it manually. In order to achieve this, you will have to make a Corcel registration and publish the file of the configuration by using an Artisan command in the terminal app. You must use the following command:

php artisan vendor : publish


This will enable you to have a config/ corcel.php, which can be used to set up a WordPress database connection. Now the next step is to set up the database connection, so let’s see how that is possible.

Set-Up of Database Connection

As mentioned above, the most valuable thing about Corcel being the bridge between WordPress and Laravel is that it gives the option to Laravel to retrieve information and other usable items. This information comes from the WordPress database tables. And now this is available to you since you created the config/ corcel.php.

Here, you have achieved the connection and integration and know that any database you give to the config/database.php is what you must insert in the config/ corcel.php file. And now you have enabled Corcel and Laravel to use the WordPress database practically. The process of integration is completed, and you will yet discover how valuable this integration is. There are a number of operations you can achieve by using Corcel with Laravel for WordPress data usage. 

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Before we wrap up, let’s see the setting up of project parameters.

Project Parameters

You can use your new integration in many different ways. In order to make this possible, you will have to determine how to set the parameters, and for this, you can refer to the documentation. After doing this, you will be able to establish valuable connections for custom fields, shortcodes, posts, taxonomies, custom post types, and many more connections. Now you are ready to perform and use the benefits from the integration process of Laravel and WordPress. 


Valuable resources and precious amounts of time are always necessary for most professions, but especially when it comes to this one. That is why it is vital to have an excellent PHP framework like Laravel, which is open-source and free, providing various advantages.

Here we had the chance to see the integration process of Laravel and WordPress with Corcel PHP step by step, so don’t waste any more time, and make the integration to use these advantages as soon as possible. 

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