A locksmith is a professional that is qualified and trained to fix broken keys and locks. However, in the present era, a locksmith can do more than fixing and repairing broken locks. There are two types of locksmiths- residential and commercial. Most people hire a residential locksmith and are unaware of commercial locksmiths. 

Residential locksmiths offer services for homes, while commercial locksmiths offer services for businesses and their offices. However, this is a simple definition; there are many other differences.

7 Differences Between Commercial Locksmith and Residential Locksmith

Let us know more about the differences between residential and commercial locksmiths. 

Basic difference

A residential locksmith can rescue you out of lockouts, upgrade the locks of your home, fix the broken keys, install security systems to enhance the security of your house. On the other hand, a commercial locksmith performs the same functions for businesses. No, that doesn’t mean that a company that offers commercial locksmith services cannot offer residential services. It simply means that they are trained and specialized in offering solutions to businesses and industries.  Every business should have an access control system that specifically suits the needs of their business

Type of lock systems

The residential locks are simple and easy to repair. Still, the locks are durable and secure. On the other hand, commercial locks are much more complex than residential locks. For example, the locks in an office are different from the locks for retail stores and factories. So, commercial locksmiths need to be more versatile in their training to handle all types of locks used by businesses and industries.  

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So, commercial locksmiths need to take special training to work on complex mechanisms and systems. So, residential locksmiths also work on a wide range of locks, but when it comes to office locks, it is better to hire a commercial locksmith. 

Master Key systems

Residential locks lack features like master keys, and homes don’t have different types of locks. Most homes have a single type of lock for all doors, except the entrance and garage door as they are outside. Commercial locks have master key systems, and businesses require different types of locks. So, commercial locksmiths are trained to work on master key systems, their installation, and repair. 

Level of security

Businesses require a different level of security than homes and apartments. An average homeowner needs to change the locks on rare occasions, while a business owner needs to change the locks more frequently. Depending on the level of security you want for your office, you may decide that simply having keys marked Do Not Copy and getting the employees to turn over the keys while leaving is sufficient or not. 

Lock Technology

A residential locksmith knows how to work on keys and locks in homes and vehicles. However, a commercial locksmith needs to handle multiple lock systems. They also need to determine the logistics of keycard systems, lock codes, and other commercial locks. In the residential locks, a few family members need access to a key, but in the case of commercial systems, a key or password will be required by multiple employees to access an area.

Security systems

Most of the security systems used in homes are not linked to the locks. Therefore, the installation and repair of these locks are also simpler. However, the commercial security systems are usually integrated with each other. Commercial locksmiths are trained to install and repair security panels and integration of locks into the security systems. So, when businesses need to install or repair a security system, they should call a commercial locksmith, not residential. 

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Repairs and Replacement

The residential doorknobs are relatively simpler than those of commercial doors. These types of locks are easy to break and should not be used in offices, where the loss due to thefts may be much higher than in homes. Commercial locks are much more complex, often requiring completely different slots and holes to cut the door so that the lock or handle can be installed. 

A locksmith who only deals with residential calls will not have the equipment and knowledge to repair or replace these types of locks. However, All Coast Locks offers commercial locksmith services such as repair of security systems, rekeying, installation. They will be able to handle these things with little difficulty.

Final Words

These were the differences between residential and commercial locksmith services. Homeowners and business owners should call the right service for the installation and repair of locks and security systems. 

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