Are you bored of your plain old front yard? Or are you looking to create some space in the backyard for family tea time? We got you covered with amazing landscaping ideas for your garden, patio space, and backyard. There’s no end to the creativity that you can borrow from around the world and bring to your front yard, and we showcase it all here. 

10 Landscaping Design Ideas You Must Know

The principle of levels  

The Chinese stressed the importance of 3 depths, which means the foreground and background are separated with an enlarged middle ground. This makes the eye wander from one to the next, and the space created in the middle makes for a picturesque view. In this house, the three depths are created using stairs. 

Make your eye curve 


A walkway or bed of flowers designed to make the eye travel in a curved manner provides great aesthetic appeal from a distance. You can use a single plant or a row of hedges to achieve this effect. Add some color and interesting texture with the flowers, and the view from your window will also be delightful. Even a concrete curved walkway leading up to the house will leave your guests in awe. 

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Spilling flower vines over the walls  

If you’ve got a high boundary wall around your house and you’d like to increase the appeal from a distance, try inexpensive plant options rather than getting masonry work done around the walls. Flowers like Bougainvillea and BlueBell vines are great options to toss over on either side of your wall. Vines like these grow rapidly and spread large. 

What’s more, they look beautiful from a distance and are even easy on the pocket while during renovation. You can try out Boston Ivy, hummingbird vines, Clematis, and English Ivy as well. Some of these are self-climbing, while others will require you to be proactive in leading them in the path of your choosing. 

Add an interesting focal point with a garden dining area.  

A small dining area in the backyard makes for great Sunday brunch ideas. Wooden and metal dining tables to compliment your garden are widely available in the market. Garden dining tables are usually small and not made for more than four people. If you’re looking for a larger setup, consider buying two sets. 

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A Garden fountain for that water element  

If you’re looking to prevent the costs that incur with a pool but still want the water and earth elements’ appeal together, a fountain is your go-to. It can be placed in the center of your front yard or patio and greet guests on their way in. It makes for a grand entrance and saves space and money that a pool takes up. Not just a fountain, you can also stack up on other garden products that will increase your front yard’s eye appeal in an inexpensive manner. 

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Borrow a view!  

In Japan, a concept called “Borrowed scenery” involves inexpensive trimming back trees and vines to capture a view of the beyond. For example, a faraway mountain, a maple tree, or weeping willow.  

Separating Hedges  

If you’ve got kids and you’re looking to designate a play area for them away from the dining area in the yard, hedges are an easy solution. Not only do they do the job well, but they also are not as expensive as constructing brick walls from scratch. Hedgerows add that extra green highlight to your lush lawn and make a statement. 

Overgrown greenery between tiles  

Enhance the beauty of your cobblestone or garden tiles by highlighting them with the overgrown terrace. This allows for a pop of color in your otherwise plain tiles and makes for a picturesque walkway. 

Play with shapes  

Whether it’s the pool or the hedges, playing with quirky shapes and colors is likely to give that avant-garde touch to your backyard. You can also incorporate flower beds and trees within these assorted shape structures.

Planters to the rescue  

If nothing from the above list seems to fit the budget, then you can always jump in on the planter’s bandwagon. Planters with popping colors that contrast your yard give that interesting look. You can also choose to plant only one type of flower-like roses throughout your yard and the uniformity will make your garden stand out. Plant fruits and other herbs in your planters, giving a full orchard look to your backyard. Artistic planters in various structures are also trending these days and can turn your yard into an interesting little corner. 

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Final Words

Here are the most contemporary and quirky landscaping ideas we could think of for your back and front yard. You can make use of them depending on the size & shape of your yard and mix match from our suggestions.

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