9 Ways to Organize Your Thoughts on Paper

Some people find it exciting and easy to express thoughts on paper or in a Word document. On the other hand, others find it challenging to write a clear and structured text, even on a familiar topic. What to do? How to learn to express your thoughts? The answer is simple – train, train, and train again! And to be more precise, write an essay every day on different topics. If you want to have something you never had, you have to do what you never did. (Coco Chanel)

But what to write? How to write? And where? These are the most common questions that arise in those just beginning to work with texts. There are many ways and techniques to develop or hone your writing skills. We will touch on just a few of them.

Understand what should be discussed in a written work?

Before composing a paper, you must pick a subject. Periodically the subject of the article is presented, but frequently such work offers the writer the privilege to select the issue and the text’s central thesis. Consider which problems affect you. It may be a review of a textbook/movie/play, a paper on contemporary issues of culture, intellectual thoughts, and more. For example, if you want to tell your life background or describe personal experience, a reflective essay is perfect where there is a possibility to express your point of view. 

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An engaging topic – is the key to rating text. Afterward, it is challenging to have a view on a situation that does not bother you.

Types of essay

There are two main essay types, but it does not mean that only these types exist. You can choose any kind from tens of existing ones. Here are two main:

  • Free – free form and style of presentation, arbitrary structure, the presence of the author’s position.
  • Formal – compliance with the construction of the text (thesis, arguments, examples, evaluative judgments, conclusions), brevity, clarity, internal logic.

Pulling up a plan

What should you do before composing an essay? Once you’ve selected a topic, be sure to create a strategy. And consider the format of the text. As a rule, the paper consists of three central parts:

Intro. This may be an inquiry or idea announced later in the text. The opening should clearly define the issue of the article.

Arguments. One of the essential pieces of advice on how to compose an essay is considered to be the use of sound ideas. They must establish or deny the thesis and explain your position on a specific problem. Recognize that there should be at the slightest three statements. In another way, you will not be capable of persuading the reader. Also, if you want to compare and describe the results of researching the chosen topic, it is worth adhering to a particular structure. Samples of classification essays can help you better comprehend what the sequence of ideas should be. This may help you to conduct qualitative research.

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Conclusion. It can be banal, such as: “So, in the text, we proved that…”. Or it can reveal your imagination (ornamental queries or calls to motion).

Some rules for composing an innovative essay

How are you instructed to compose an article? Right! Creatively, What is after this statement? It’s easy: the original item is to know nine rules.

  1. Only positive speech (it is more beneficial to explain what is, not what is not).
  2. Association mentions (they help move smoothly from one part to another).
  3. Various sentence structures. (Reading sentences with the correct system is tedious. Add some inversions. Compose sentences of multiple sizes.)
  4. Clear terms. (Comprehend the sense of the phrases you operate in the paper. You note to impress with purpose, not terminology. Sophistication is good, but in restraint.)
  5. Different words (synonym.)
  6. Conciseness.
  7. Each phrase is essential (no repeats; each correction must have a particular purpose).
  8. Active life appointment.
  9. Books about essay writing are excellent.
9 Ways to Organize Your Thoughts on Paper

Best books to start writing better

William Zinser “On Writing Well”

This book will help you master the mechanisms of writing texts. It is about attitudes, feelings, rules, and methods that will help succeed in this business.

Anne Lamott’s “Bird by bird”

The author talks about everything that happens on the way to creating a book or story: motivation, inspiration, style, editing, etc. The book will be helpful for beginners. It contains answers to frequently asked questions: “Where to start?”, “What to write about?” “How to understand that writing is mine?”.

Adam Kurtz “1 page per day”

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This is a diary book for those involved in creating or who want to develop their creativity and write more. The author is convinced that by writing only 1 page a day, you can improve and diversify your life. It will turn every new day into an exciting journey.

Julia Cameron’s “Right to Write”

This book is a writing guide, a great source of practical exercises and tips to successfully choose words and express feelings, emotions, and everything you want to say on paper.


Now you can follow these steps and tips and start writing. If you want to write better, the key to success is practicing every day.

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