According to statistics, the problem of lack of motivation annually leads to the fact that companies lose about $550 billion due to reduced productivity. This is a lot of money, so you should think about how to support your employees and motivate the team in a difficult period.

Honesty and openness

The most important rule that will help managers to keep a face in the eyes of employees is to inform the team in any situation about changes in the work of the company and the measures taken by management. This applies to different aspects – but it is important to always be open to employees about what is happening inside the company. This can be done both in an open letter and in person.

If one of the team members is threatened with dismissal, then it is worth conveying this news to employees individually in advance.

Show Empathy: Employees Are Not Robots

Employees will always appreciate the leadership that shows a humane attitude, is interested in their lives, and is ready to support them even during a crisis. Find an opportunity to organize psychological help within the company or arrange informal gatherings in the evening before the weekend. Simple human communication and support can greatly improve the psychological state in a difficult moment. You also may create some activities – for example, playing active games after work, placing bets at 22Bet, or going for coffee together. 

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Help with temporary relocation

Of course, not all companies can do this, however, if you have such an opportunity, use it. If employees are more comfortable working remotely, and their position in the company like Opguide implies such a work format, then management can help such employees with temporary relocation. Many employees would like to change the environment and work in another country – while, most often, such a change of environment not only does not harm the quality of work but on the contrary, it helps to improve performance and performance.

Control the situation

No matter how difficult periods occur in the company, management must always monitor the situation and be aware of what is happening inside the company. It is worth conducting surveys in order to understand the mood of employees: find out what worries them, try to solve problems if they arise. For example, you can conduct an anonymous survey that includes 5-10 questions on a specific topic. Such surveys help management to determine the average degree of anxiety in the team and take timely action. For example, Spielberg testing is well suited for this purpose.

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