Cryptocurrencies are not too new but not too older from a currency’s perspective. A currency needs to go a long way before becoming stable and proving its worth. And Trading Platform being one of a kind, it still has not gone through enough. 

However, it has achieved way more than expected in such a small period. In these 13 years, it has already become a medium of payment in many sectors and domains. These days, one can easily pay with cryptos for some particular hotels, restaurants, shops, products, and services. Businesses have done a lot in this. 

Seeing the new trend, many of the mass want to invest in cryptos. But because of a lack of information, they sometimes fail to find the right sources to trade or invest in. In this regard,  gives you the leverage to invest in cryptocurrency, without worrying about the risk associated with it. 

Apart from that, having a clear idea about the crypto world is very much essential to go a long way. So, let’s get into getting an overall idea. 

What is bitcoin? 

Bitcoin is the first-ever invented cryptocurrency which is basically a digital coin and functions on digital mediums only. There is no physical body of this currency. This is the primary point where it differs from the traditional fiat currency. 

Overview on altcoins

Any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin is called as altcoin. ”Alternative” and “coins” together make altcoins. Altcoins are numerous in number and wide in varieties. You can find widevarieties in altcoins. And moreover, you will find them all only in a good exchange.

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Memecoins are a type of altcoins initiated from an internet joke or meme. It was created for a very trivial purpose that now is doing wonders. Especially when Elon Musk started talking about Dogecoin, its growth took marvellous speed. 


Stablecoins are those that come with a better stable state. The stability comes from it being pegged with many expensive commodities, facilities fiat currency, other cryptocurrencies etc. it provides a huge scope for investments. In fact, experts are saying that it could go far more than bitcoin. Bitcoin comes with multiple advantages as well. 

Security coin 

Security tokens are used to save some assets with the help of crypto. There are some altcoins that can be tokenized with any kind of assets you have. Gold, real estate, anything can be tokenized, and without that security, tokens have no other utilization. 

What is blockchain technology? 

Blockchain technology is nothing but software and the backbone of bitcoin. It operates on cryptography which provides support and security to the transactions. In fact, in the initial stages, Ethereum, too, worked with bitcoin’s blockchain. After some years, its inventors built their own blockchain, which is known as the Ethereum blockchain. 

What is Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin ATM is the machine that takes the amount of crypto you want to sell and provides you with the equivalent amount of fiat currency. In fact, using the BTMs (Bitcoin ATM), one can send some amount of cash to their acquaintances as well. 

Bitcoin mining 

Bitcoin mining ensures that Bitcoins are added to the system; this is done by solving mathematical puzzles. As they solve the puzzle, one block is added to the blockchain. 

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How to sell your crypto? 

There are multiple techniques for selling bitcoin. Selling cryptos has become easier than ever. We all know about the crypto exchange, where you can buy bitcoins and other cryptos and sell them on the same platform. You can register on the platforms like the Bitcoin Era This app is especially doing good in the market. 

Also another option that was not being widely used earlier but now is in great use is the Bitcoin ATMs. Earlier, there were only a few Bitcoin ATMs. However, now there are hundreds of these machines can be found in the world. And sell the money can be done just by scanning a QR code and verifying the identity. 

Wrapping it up!!!

Knowledge of the crypto domain is always helpful when you are trying to make some money from this industry. Therefore, going through the basics will always help. So, first, clear your understanding of cryptocurrencies before starting anything. 

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