Real estate requires connections. You want people who are working alongside you, whether you are selling your home or buying a new one. Who do you need to experience a smooth transition? A high-class real estate agency. Going it alone or with someone less experienced could be daunting. That is why you should memorize the following questions to ask a real estate agent before hiring them. 

Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent 

1. How long have you been working as a real estate agent?

This is the first and most important question you need to ask. Experience is crucial in getting the house you want or selling to a potential buyer. An experienced real estate agent is going to have the know-how, the connections, and the ability to spot issues within a house or with a buyer that you might overlook. That doesn’t mean a less experienced agent isn’t going to serve you well. However, they will need a mentor to ensure the deal is sealed without a hassle. 

2. How long have you served the community? How many houses have you sold in a specific area?

The best real estate for you is going to be someone who knows the place where you want to live or sell your house. If the real estate agent doesn’t know the area, they might not be able to make recommendations or tell you much about the neighborhood. When you are searching for a home, for example, you want to know which location is going to be closest to your job or which place has the best schools. 

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Don’t overlook the agent’s track record either. Having high numbers of houses sold in a particular area means that they successfully negotiate with the people there. 

3. Do you have a license?

Make sure you are working with a licensed real estate agent. Not only does this prove that they have a relevant level of education, but it means they have invested time in learning how to be a decent salesperson. Plus, a license acts as proof that the agent is not going to scam you. 

4. Who will I be working with?

Some real estate agencies will have more than one person contacting you and searching for homes or buyers. If you don’t anticipate this, having multiple people call you could be flustering. Make sure you know who you will be speaking with most of the time. 

Think that might affect your relationship or trust in the agency? Then you should go with a real estate agent works one-on-one with you. That will help with communication, as well. 

5. Can you explain the buying or selling process to me?

Because the process of buying or selling a home is challenging for first timers, you should gauge just how much the real estate agent will be able to help. You want assurance that the agent can guide you effectively. So, before you ask, make sure you at least know the steps, so that you can see how well they describe everything and if they don’t gloss over certain subjects. 


A decent real estate agent can make everything about buying and selling a home a dream. Without them, you could find yourself confused and disillusioned or unable to sell. You can either use these questions to find the right real estate agent for you in no time or book choices for selling without a realtor around the web.

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