Although summer is 25% of American’s favorite season, everyone can agree that it’s a hot time of year. Because of the stifling heat, air conditioners sometimes are forced to run 24/7 to keep you comfortable.

This can quickly lead to issues that require professional HVAC repair. Read on to learn when your AC has worked too hard and needs a bit of TLC.

No Cool Air

The most obvious (but most common) reason that people need to hire an HVAC repair company is that their AC isn’t working. Sometimes this will take the form of the machine not turning on at all. Other times, you’ll have the unfortunate experience of hot air coming from the vents.

This could be the result of many things. Change your filter and try again. If the problem still persists after a simple filter change, there might be a leak in the line or an electrical issue.

Weird Sounds

It’s generally a bad sign when home appliances begin to make odd noises. Malfunctioning HVAC systems will often grind and make banging noises. Other times, when air vents are broken or jammed, they will squeak or squeal.

You’ll need to Google ‘HVAC repair near me’ and hire a pro when this happens. It’s likely that a component will need to be adjusted or replaced. It also is possible that professional cleaning is in order.

Equally Weird Smells

Just like strange sounds are a warning that something’s off, weird smells are also ominous. Strange smells also may point to a more dangerous issue such as a part overheating (which increases the risk of fire). They may also indicate mold in the system, which can cause a variety of respiratory problems.

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The second you smell something and attribute it to your AC, make sure to call the best HVAC contractors in your area. Priority Mechanical Services, for example, can ensure that this smell ceases before blowing up into a bigger issue.

Frost on the AC

When an HVAC has any frost or condensation, it’s likely a result of your buildup line being blocked. The wetness comes from your buildup pipes and can freeze around the coils inside your AC. Sometimes, they won’t freeze but will instead spill out of the machine and puddle on the floor.

This problem isn’t dangerous, but it means that you need to hire a pro immediately. If it goes on too long, full-on HVAC replacement may be necessary. It may become unfixable.

High Electric Bills

When your electric bills seem higher than normal, take a good look at your HVAC. This could be a sign that it’s running too hard and is going to break down soon. It’s likely that you have a blockage in the vents or a filter that needs to be changed, but you will want to talk to an expert to be certain.

Get HVAC Repair Today

Now that you know all about when you need to hire professional HVAC repair, it’s time to learn more about summertime survival.

Check out the ‘home improvement’ tab on our home page for some ideas on how you can foster a positive environment for your air conditioner. You also may want to click on the ‘health’ tab to learn more about keeping cool and safe in the summer heat.

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