Improving your wardrobe is about finding the clothes that truly resonate with you. From how they look to how they make you feel, the clothes you wear can significantly impact your emotional wellbeing. You can gradually improve your wardrobe by making little changes and making 2022 your most fashionable year yet. Read on to get started with the top tips for improving your wardrobe this year without compromising your lifestyle or comfort.

Always Prioritize Your Comfort

Make sure you make the most of the outfits you create by keeping them comfortable. Comfort and style can mesh together, and this combination is trending! Take advantage of today’s hottest trends and mix and match your oversized sweater and leggings to create outfits that are not only cute but cozy as well. Pair your outfits with retro sneakers or boots to complete your look. 

With sustainability trends taking the world by storm, look at thrift stores and consignment shops near you to find one-of-a-kind items to create the comfy looks you can wear for long-lasting comfort and style. Some items to consider keeping an eye out for include women’s petite coats and durable denim jeans. 

Get Your Essential Wardrobe Staples 

Every wardrobe needs a set selection of wardrobe staples that keep your outfits grounded and with everything you need to create fabulous looks. Your staples might include a collection of jeans, tee-shirts, tank tops, and black pants. Unless you need to dress in formal attire for work, you can assume that casual outfits will be the general approach to your looks daily.

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For that reason, you’ll want a collection of essential wardrobe staples to create new looks out of the essentials. Aim for neutral tees and tank tops so you can create layers as needed. For example, if you want to wear a cardigan, you might want a blank tank top to go underneath. 

These layering essentials make it easy to create outfits and focus on specific clothing items that you want to stand out (in this case, the cardigan!). 

2 women in yellow and black bikini sitting on beach during daytime

Don’t Forget To Consider Your Lifestyle

If you are someone who is always on the go, you might want to look for multifunctional work attire. You can find outfits that work as exercise clothes and business attire! Not only that, but work-from-home collections are also popular among today’s online retail consumers

Make your outfits work for your lifestyle by incorporating the right trends to match your busy schedule. Look for sweat-resistant fabrics, so you can move from one activity to another without missing a beat. Go straight from the gym to the office with sweat-resistant fabrics and multifunctional work outfits. 

Out With The Old, In With The New 

Give yourself the space you need to consider your options by saying out with the old and in with the new! 

A simple way to improve your wardrobe this year is to declutter your closet. Donate any unwanted, gently-used items and make space for new clothes this year. Get rid of anything that is no longer in style or good condition.

With this newfound space, you can consider the types of clothes you want to fill your space with this year. Make this year count for your fashion. 

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Look For Trends That Resonate With You

To improve your wardrobe this year, look for trends that resonate with you, eliminate unwanted items, and consider how your comfort and lifestyle both play a role in the clothes you choose to wear most of the time. By finding a balance between fashion and functionality, you can create looks to last and that you’ll love in 2022.

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