Custom commemorative coins are coins which are used to commemorate special events and occasions. It is very common for different entities, institutions and organizations to issue custom commemorative coins with a distinct design with reference to a particular occasion on which they are issued. Most variants of custom commemorative coins are issued for the purpose of being collectors’ items only. There are also some other types of custom commemorative coins that are issued by certain entities for regular circulation.

Subcategories of custom commemorative coins 

Custom commemorative coins are of various types, let’s have a look some of the different types of commemorative coins.

  • Regular issue coinage :- These custom commemorative coins are normal coins are that are issued with the intention of using them in commerce every day. These custom commemorative coins are issued with the same design for several years. One of the most common examples of these type of custom commemorative coins can be euro coins.
  • Commemoratives :-These coins are intended for use in commerce but their design is issued only for a limited time. These commemorative coins are issued with the intention of drawing attention to certain persons or events. Some common examples of these commemorative coins are the €2 commemorative coins and the U.S. 50 State Quarters.
  • NCLT :- The last type of custom commemorative coins are called NCLT coins or Non-circulating legal tender. In theory, these custom commemorative coins can be used for the purpose of purchasing services or goods but in actuality there are not intended for use in such a manner. Instead, these custom commemorative coins are intended to be used only as souvenirs and these custom commemorative coins are usually purchased in either silver or gold with a proof finish.
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Why does it make sense to collect custom commemorative coins?

Collecting commemorative coins is quite a fun and rewarding hobby for some people because collecting these cons allows people to avail benefits of the rising prices of silver and gold along with adding the finest and rarest pieces of their collection. Custom commemorative coins are usually issued in limited mintages. These coins are issued with the purpose of celebrating special historic events or special present events. That’s not all, these coins are also extensively used by different entities and institutions around the world for raising awareness about special and important events. Since these coins are issued in limited mintages, they enjoy very high levels of demand

 Top 3 benefits of custom commemorative coins

Let’s have a look at 3 of the most important benefits of investing in custom commemorative coins and collecting them.

  • Value on the rise :- Custom commemorative coins draw often draw a lot of interest from collectors which substantially increases the numismatic value of such coins. Further, given the huge demand of custom commemorative coins, these coins can be easily resold, once a need for doing so arises, in the future. These coins are considered as recession-proof so even when the prices of precious metals are dropping, collections and owners of these coins can still reap great monetary benefits by putting their custom commemorative coins for sale because the interest of collectors in these coins is never likely to drop, anytime in the future.
  • Exciting Hobby :- Collecting custom commemorative coins is actually a very exciting hobby for some people. Most of these coins come in sets which makes the thrill of finding the rest of coins to complete the set, a lot more exciting and thrilling. Collectors of custom commemorative coins are advised to exercise restraint in their coin collecting endeavors and not get carried away as doing so can substantially strain their financial resources.
  • Great Inheritance Option :- If over the years, you have amassed an envious collection of custom commemorative coins then when the time is right, it can actually prove to be a great asset to pass down to your heirs. Your heirs are surely going to appreciate the great value of your collection. Further, if and when you invest in custom commemorative coins you can end up raising substantial sums of money for different charitable causes.
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The Bottom Line

There you go. That was everything you needed to know about custom commemorative coins. As you can see, you can avail a lot of benefits by investing in such coins and amassing an envious collection of such coins, over time.

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