When you think of an ADU, what do you think of? Most people think of either a cottage-like structure in their backyard or a garage that has been converted into a living space. Did you know there are multiple ADU types besides those two? Let’s check them out.

Detached ADU

A detached ADU is the cottage-like structure that most people think of. It is built from the ground up to be essentially a mini home. The problem with detached ADU’s is not only the fact that you need enough yard space for them, but also that they are the most costly option. However, they offer the resident an extra level of privacy and freedom within them.

Attached ADU

An attached ADU is similar to a detached ADU but it shares a wall with the existing primary dwelling. These sorts of ADU’s work best for multi-generational housing because it provides some level of privacy and independence while still allowing for family members to walk freely between homes.

Garage ADU

A garage ADU is another one of the common ADU’s that involves converting your pre-existing garage into a livable space. The cool thing about garage ADU’s is that you can add on a second story to your garage and have the ADU just be upstairs, allowing you to still have a garage to park your cars in.

Garage conversions tend to be one of the cheaper options when it comes to converting an ADU. There are a number of ways to save money with an ADU conversion. Take the time to look into the pros and cons of a garage conversion to ensure it is right for you though.

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Internal ADU

Internal ADU’s are built within your home. Usually, they come in the form of either basement ADU’s or upstairs ADU’s. Some take advantage of both the upper and lower levels of one side of a home. You need to ensure that your home is big enough for the minimum square-footage requirement of an ADU to support both the ADU, and you. If it is not, you may have to go with another option.

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