Transcribing is converting audio or video content to typed words. You listen and type just what you hear, with no emissions or additions. The audio files needing transcription can include and are not limited to zoom meetings, interviews, and phone calls. The different transcribing job types can be general, market research, medical, and legal transcribing. 

Students are familiar with modern technology as many own laptops for their schoolwork. As a student, you always need some pocket money. Therefore, considering transcribing as a job can boost your finances as you take on your schoolwork. Read on and find out why transcribing is suitable for students. 

Low minimum requirements

Although you may need to be competent in communication, listening, and writing, becoming an expert in transcription services can be your career option. A solid background in the skills mentioned above coupled with keen instruction processing, obedience to deadlines, and dedication to high quality is necessary to become a transcriptionist. Being a student gives you a head start as you will not struggle with your listening and writing skills. Transcribing can be an easy-to-go task for a college or university student, particularly for general transcriptions. 

Transcribing helps you succeed in your education

Some transcribing work can be quite informative, like academic transcribing, which expands our general knowledge. With some experience in transcribing, you can record your lectures and transcribe the content later; this will guarantee that your notes are intact, accurate, and highly accessible. Having the work transcribed makes it easy for you to go through exactly what the lecturer said to capture the important or overlooked information. You will succeed in your studies with better and more precise content in the long run.

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Specified work with higher payments

If you are a student studying either medicine or law, you can gain higher returns from transcribing such special content. Medical and legal transcribing requires deep knowledge of the related fields and comes with mouth-watering payments. Although this may not suit every student, those able to undertake these tasks can amass much gain. 

If you want to become an expert transcriptionist, knowing medical and legal matters will set you apart from those who can only transcribe general transcriptions. 

Creating your schedule and staying productive 

There are always assignments to complete, notes to go through, and classes to attend as a student. Becoming a transcriber and a student simultaneously is quite doable because you can always fix your schedule to fit transcribing time. With well-defined deadlines, you can plan your time wisely and find time early in the morning, late at night, or during your relatively free days with fewer activities to undertake. On the other hand, you will always have something to do, therefore staying productive. With audio transcription jobs to complete, your schedule is always packed and full of activity. 

Supplement your pocket money

Parents can fund you, but you will always need that extra coin. With hours to spare daily, taking on transcribing can increase your funds. If you are a guy and you would want to take a girl on a date, transcribing money will always have your back. You don’t need to ask for money from your parents because you will have your own money. 

You can work from anywhere

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Transcribing remotely is possible with the necessary tools and services. Transcribing requires a laptop and a stable internet connection no matter your location. If you decide to go for a vacation or attend a student trip, carrying your laptop can be essential for you to work. Earn your money from anywhere you go. 

Utilizing modern technology advancements

Contemporary transcribers move with time to use advanced technologies for their daily operations. Using new technology expands your knowledge and experience with new tech and software solutions. Being up-to-date with advancing technology can increase your earnings and scope of expertise.

Easy-to-do application and certification

General transcription types require just the needed hardware, technology knowledge, and a positive mind. However, for legal and medical transcriptions, qualifications are more advanced. With the basic skills and some knowledge on translation, you can be a certified professional, which adds value to your work and how it is perceived. 

Final thoughts

Consider becoming a student transcriber and earn some money for yourself. If you feel competent to take on an audio transcription, including translation services, check out the Korean transcription jobs to begin your journey. 

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