It’s impossible to know precisely how long it takes to settle a truck-related claim, however these kinds of claims usually require more time than other accidents. Because tractor-trailers, semitrailers and other types of trucks are massive and often commercial vehicles, the process of settling claims for accidents that involves these vehicles could be more complex than normal.

Sometimes, insurance companies will offer a settlement in the shortest time after a car accident However, it’s not in your best interests to take the first offer, as you may be entitled to far more compensation than they initially provide. It is possible to be worthwhile to wait for a thorough investigation and medical examination before negotiating the most fair settlement possible in your truck accident case.

The reasons why a claim for a truck accident could take longer to settle

Settlement of a claim following an accident on the road may take a long time due to a variety of factors for instance, there is a requirement that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires an exhaustive investigation process in the event of serious truck crashes. A few of the causes for the delay in settling the settlement process for a truck accident are:

Liability Investigation

The process of determining who’s the fault in an accident involving trucks usually is more time-consuming than a normal car accident due to its nature incident. In order to settle a claim for the basis of a truck crash investigators have to decide:

  • If the driver of the truck complied with all regulations and rules.
  • If other drivers were in the wrong or responsible for the accident.
  • If the trucking company has maintained the vehicle correctly.
  • If the trucking company complied with all regulations and rules.
  • If other parties are accountable, like an incompetent mechanic or bartender who over-served the driver.
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There are a variety of federal regulations regarding how truck drivers and businesses can conduct business that could cause the liability investigation of the circumstances of a truck crash more extensive than an average car accident. For example the FMCSA has rules on the length of time in a row a truck driver is allowed to be in active service and the number of minutes of rest they have to get before they can drive.

There are also dimensions for trucks and weight requirements to determine if all these regulations and rules were followed by the truck’s driver and by the trucking company requires some time and research.

It is the Severity of the accident

Because of their huge size due to their size, an accident involving trucks often have greater effects than an accident that involves only passenger vehicles. It is the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates weight and size for various kinds of trucks in order in order to protect the public on roads.

The majority of truck accidents are damaging, leading to more damage to vehicles, more serious injuries, and eventually the death of. The severity increase of an accident is inevitably leading to more aspects that require investigation or documenting.

Insurance Coverage

Interstate semi-trucks and tractor-trailers have to have insurance coverage. Additionally, the FMCSA is strict about truck insurance. There could be different policies for the truck’s cab the trailer, as well as the load the truck transports.

Medical Treatment

If you or loved ones were injured as a result of a car accident The need to seek medical attention can increase the time the process takes for settling a truck crash claim. Do not accept any settlement until medical treatment is complete so that you are aware of the total cost of your medical bills.

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For instance, whiplash might be present for a few weeks following the incident, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). Setting up a claim prior to when the medical treatment has been completed could result in high medical costs that aren’t included in the settlement.

Settlement Negotiation

The negotiation process itself may hinder the settlement of a claim. The above mentioned factors of the liability issue, the seriousness of the incident as well as medical treatment, insurance coverage as well as other aspects could be considered in the negotiation to settle a claim.

It could require several rounds of negotiations before they can offer an acceptable settlement. It will include compensation for all your costs and losses, as well as any pain and suffering.

We can handle Your Case

The truck accident settlement process in St. Louis can be complicated, so the assistance of a lawyer can make the process easier for you. Lawyers are able to gather evidence, determine the amount of damages that are recoverable and also contact all parties involved to help you focus on healing following the incident.

Although we are unable to tell the exact time it takes in settling an crash claim, you don’t have to navigate this difficult process on your own. Ben Crump Law, PLLC’s team Ben Crump Law, PLLC can assist you in determining what is recoverable damage you might be entitled to and work with insurance firms on your behalf in order to help you get the money you are entitled to following the accident.

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