Airpods have existed for some time now. Some of the best AirPods are popular for good reasons. Most are backed by the latest technology, and they offer quality sound. They also have a sleek design that lets them fit perfectly in ears. AirPods also have slim cases that ease carrying. However, these gadgets are more expensive than other headphones. Below are things you should know before buying AirPods.

How Much Do They Cost?

As said above, AirPods are not cheap, and you can hardly find them under promotions unless during the holiday season. However, you can choose from the various models available for different prices at ishopchangi. The Apple AirPods Pro is the most expensive, going for $300. These AirPods are top quality and have premium features. The unique features are noise cancellation, EQ tuning, and transparency mode.

Are They Waterproof?

Apple AirPods are water-resistant. However, it will help to keep them away from liquids since their wireless charging is not resistant. It is also advisable to store them when they are not in use to prevent excess wear. Most accessory products are made to keep AirPods safe. An example is the AirPods GMYLE shockproof case which keeps the shell from damage.

Which Devices are Compatible with Airpods?

All Apple products operating on iOS 10 or above work with AirPods, but this does not limit them to Apple devices alone. It is also possible to use them with non-Apple gadgets. These AirPods offer an instant connection when linked to your device. They are also compatible with other Apple products through your iCloud account. Connecting AirPods is easy. First, you should open your phone’s home screen and place them over your phone. You can then follow the steps that follow up to complete the setup. Your AirPods will connect to your MacBook once you link them to the phone.

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How to Clean Airpods?

Airpods spend the most time in your ears, meaning they are bound to get dirty due to exposure. These gadgets are not waterproof, so you should always keep them water-free. This also means you should avoid liquid cleaners and wet wipes when cleaning. It is advisable to use a soft and dry cloth to remove debris. You can also reach the speakers using cotton swabs.

Checking the Air pod’s Battery Life

You can check the gadget’s battery life in two ways. First, these details should emerge on the screen when you put the case over your device. The other way is through the iOS settings. A wireless charging case needs a wireless power source for charging. The best AirPod feature is extending battery life by using one bud. These gadgets are touch-sensitive, meaning you can skip or play a song by touching their base.


Airpods are good alternatives to earphones. They are durable and have a fast connection to your device. These gadgets are costly but do not compromise their quality. Feel free to contact us for the best AirPod deals. They are available in different types and prizes, and you will be spoilt for choice. These deals also have warranties, meaning we have your back if something happens.

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