Have you lost a high school diploma?

While you might think of your high school diploma as a piece of paper you will never need, there are some situations when you do. Whether you are applying for college, entering the workforce, or just want to reflect on your accomplishments, having your high school diploma is important.

If you have lost your diploma, you might be wondering how to replace it as soon as possible.

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Fortunately, replacing your high school diploma can be a quick and easy process. By knowing what you need and contacting the right people, you can have your diploma in your hands in no time.

If you need to replace your high school diploma but aren’t sure how, this short and simple guide is for you.

Know What You Need

The first step for replacing your high school diploma is to know what you need. Chances are, you might need a transcript instead of a copy of your diploma. However, if you find yourself in any of these scenarios, you are going to need your diploma.

Check Your School’s Website

After losing a high school diploma, visit your school’s website. If they have the option available, you can quickly order a replacement online. This should be the first step you take if you have lost your diploma.

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Contact the School

If you cannot order a replacement for a lost or damaged high school diploma online, give your school a call. You should be able to order the replacement diploma over the phone just as easily as online.

Contact Your School District

Is your old high school closed? Then you need to contact your school district. Someone at the district office should be able to help you order a replacement diploma.

Request a Copy

Once you have the right office, you need to request a copy of your diploma. This may involve filling out a form and dropping it off, mailing it, or emailing it to the school or district office.

Pay the Replacement Fee

Replacing a diploma should be an easy process, as long as you pay the replacement fee. This is usually a small fee that covers the cost of printing and shipping your diploma.

Ask About Rush Shipping

After you have ordered your diploma replacement and paid the fee, all you need to do is wait for your replacement to come in the mail. If you are in a rush, consider asking the school representative if you can pay for rush shipping. If you live near the office, consider picking up your diploma.

This Is What to Do if You Lost Your High School Diploma

By taking these steps, you can replace the high school diploma you have lost.

Start by understanding the difference between a diploma and a transcript. You should then contact your high school or the school district. Submit your request, pay the replacement fee, and wait for your diploma to arrive in the mail.

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Follow these tips to easily replace your high school diploma.

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