$142 billion. That’s how much money the global music industry’s set to generate by 2030. And, guess what, a large chunk of it’s sure to come from the expensive home studio equipment being sold to budding musicians around the world!

In fact, the high cost of setting up a studio at home (coupled with the steep learning curve) involved is enough to convince many people to take the professional route instead. The incentives for using a professional recording studio don’t stop there though. Keep reading to discover the rest!

Supreme Equipment

Home studio equipment has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years. But (unless you’re willing to fork out thousands of dollars) it’s still a far cry from professional quality. Indeed, many musicians spend their hard-earned cash to purchase gear that doesn’t do justice to their talent.

That all changes when you book a recording studio slot. From microphones and preamps to compressors and plug-ins, stepping into these spaces opens the door to the best audio equipment available.

Enhanced Sound Quality

There’s one major difference between your home and a professional studio: your property wasn’t designed for recording music. By contrast, actual studios are purpose-built, decorated, and laid out with musical performance in mind.

As a result, you can expect the acoustics to be on a whole other level of quality. Think about space as well. Unlike most homes, a pro recording studio has more than enough room to host big bands, large ensembles, and so on.

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Expert Engineers

Most people in the music industry know an aspiring artist (or two!) who has all the gear but no idea. The lesson? Having high-quality recording gear is very different from knowing how to use it.

There’s no need to worry about that when you use a professional recording studio though. Not only do they have world-class equipment, but they also have the best audio engineers who can help you utilize it to full effect.

Freedom and Focus

In theory, home studios allow you to record music at any time of day or night. But it rarely works out that way! Parents restrict playing time, neighbors complain about the volume, and your housemates or siblings need peace and quiet, and so on.

Whatever the case, you may not have as much freedom as you’d like.

Paying to use a pro studio a) gives you total freedom and b) allows you to focus. For one thing, the environment screams “creativity” and helps you put on your musical hat. For another, the engineers handle the technical side of the equation, meaning you can get back to doing what you do best.

Remember the Benefits of a Professional Recording Studio

More people than ever before are paying huge sums of money to set up their own home recording studio. And all power to them! However, as we’ve seen, there’s a wide array of compelling advantages to using a professional recording studio that deserves everyone’s attention too.

Make sure you keep these in mind if you’re trying to decide the best way to bring your music to market! Looking for more information on similar topics? Browse the “Technology” section of the website now.

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