For many years, a wristwatch has become more than an accessory to check out the time. And any gentleman requires to have at least one on their arsenal. It is a symbol of social status and an indicator of wealth. We may still be in the middle of a pandemic, but that is no excuse to be out of style. From luxury to affordable pieces, there is a timepiece for your every outfit and needs. When checking out timepieces to cop, make sure to check out the movement and materials, then match it to your lifestyle. Be at your best and look at your best as we present the top seven must-have wristwatches for men in 2021. 

  1. Glashutte Original PanoMaticInverse

We’re starting the list strong with one of the best Glashutte Original watches. Over the years, the brand has been consistent in merging modernity, excellence, beauty, and originality into its timepieces. Every gentleman can appreciate a good timepiece from the company. This particular model includes an off-centered display for the seconds and time. The panorama display is one of the features that make this piece unique. The dial is bolted on with blue screws and rubies, which adds more character to the piece. The inverse part of the wristwatch gives you a sneak peek at what is usually found on the rear of a timepiece.

  1. Seiko Prospex x PADI SPB181J1

Seiko has been producing quality watches since 1881, and any collector is familiar with the quality that the brand delivers. Well known for being the first watch brand to produce a quartz watch, it is no surprise that the Seiko brand has quite the reputation. While most people will not be diving anytime soon, Seiko Prospex x PADI SPB181J1 is one of the few watches that are certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Featuring a large round profile, lumibrite hands, and markers, and its signature 4’oclock screw-down crown, the Prospex x PADI SPB181J1 is a stylish wrist watch to wear both in and out of the water.

  1. Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic
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Not to be mistaken for the pop-culture musical, this watch brand has been in operation since 1892, providing America’s finest watches. The Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic is a re-release of its 1968 edition, featuring the same classic look on the outside with new and improved Swiss machination on the inside. Both classy yet simple, the Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic styles well for anyone. From smart-casual styles to business formal, this timepiece can complement your outfit well. With the configurations paired with watch face designs, a Hamilton timepiece is always a dependable brand.

  1. Timex Navi XL 41mm

Wristwatches do not always have to cost half your life savings. Take the Timex Navi XL 41mm, for example. Selling for just under 230 euros, this military-inspired timepiece features a 21-jewel Japanese automatic movement along a sleek black exterior. While not a diver’s watch, this watch still offers 100 meters worth of water resistance, all at a very affordable cost. This watch should go on your to-buy list whether you are living the billionaire dream or just a regular joe like us, as it suits every possible occasion. This is the best piece for daily wear.

  1. Baume No. 10600

Yet another budget watch on our list, Baume watches are not only cheap but they are also environmentally friendly. These timepieces are made of recycled materials. Though the Baume No. 10600 may cost less than other watches on this list, do not let the price tag fool you; these watches are built to last. More than just their overall durability, this simple wrist accessory goes well with pretty much anything your wardrobe can muster. their craftsmanship for sports watches is commendable for every man out there.

  1. Cartier Santos-Dumont
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Cartier’s reputation for being one of the leading brands of luxury watches precedes them for good reason. the company is mostly known for its jewelry line, but their timepiece collections is a must-have. One of the top watchmakers in the world, Cartier Santos-Dumont is no exception to this. Based on the timepiece giants’ Santos model, the Santos-Dumont shrinks it down, making it sleeker, with the larger of the two models being only 31.4mm wide and 7mm thick. With no room to go wrong, this must-have goes well with virtually anything and is a must-buy for any event.

  1.  Vacheron Constantin

Though this timepiece is one of the pricier watches on the list, there is a good reason for this. Overall simply stunning, the Vacheron Constantin not only looks grand but also plays the part well. Featuring a standby mode at the 7:00 portion of the watch, its patented Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar allows for extreme amounts of power-saving, allowing the wearer to stow this watch for as much as 65 days without needing any adjustment. More than this, the transparent sapphire cover alongside its 18k gold markers makes this watch one of those most elegant watches around. Best for dress-up occasions, this watch makes for one of the fanciest wristwatches around as far as luxury brands go. In fact this brand is part of the holy trinity of luxury wristwatch brands. Owning one will surely make you the star of any conversation.

In A Nutshell

As far as our picks go, these are some of the most stylish and beautiful watches on the market. From Glashutte Original PanoMaticInverse to budget wears Time Navi XL 41mm and Baume No. 10600, these watches are sure to make you be at your best and look at your best. Whatever your budget, there is sure to be one that suits you regardless of what you have in your wardrobe. For the best prices in the market, check out the Watch Company to get more discounts. This site has every collection for every personality and budget. So, even if you’re looking for rare pieces, you will be able to score them at a reasonable price when you visit today!

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