Lingerie is the French word for women’s undergarments. Standing behind its literal meaning, lingerie is an intimate clothing item that is particularly feminine in nature. Lingerie has been in this world for as long as women have (also stone age women covered their private parts often). Lingerie radiates excitement, elegance, and sensuality all at the same time. It is meant to be an expression of women’s innermost feelings. Women in the past were not very comfortable with the type of lingerie that was available to them, but the women of the 21st century want comfort, fashion, and style side by side more than in previous centuries. 

Many lingerie brands have considered it to be fair of demand and have provided women with comfortable yet sexy lingerie. In the past few decades, fashion for women has evolved amazingly, and lingerie has also followed the trend. The basic trend changer for lingerie has been the entrance of foreign brands into the market. Having the most stylish lingerie is as important as having the sexiest fabric for it from innovative underwear manufacturers. Every fabric has its own dimension of fall on your body, and that can make you look 100 times sexier. The best fabric for your lingerie includes lucent satin, silk impression, cotton satin, princess lace satin, and lace with silk. They will make you comfortable in your style and make your body curves come to life. 

When most people think about lingerie, basic undergarments come into their minds, but that is not true. Lingerie has several different types to go with every body type and every fancy look you want. Here are some of the types of lingerie for you to try and make your intimate moments special

  1. Basic bra and panties:
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The most basic type of lingerie is the bra and panties women wear every day. They basically wear it every day for support to their bodies and for hygienic reasons. There can be different types of bras such as push up, lacy, front-hook, made with cotton, etc. Every woman has her own sense of comfort and decides on her daily-wear bra accordingly. They can be paired with your type of comfortable underwear. Women own at least one favorite pair of bra and panties. But it is an understatement to think that a woman only owes one pair of bra at the same time. Try something new and order many bras of the same type if you find the perfect model from a bra manufacturer.

  1. Bralette:

It is a bra with no structural element to support it. It does not have an underwire or padding whatsoever. These are usually worn with low-cut dresses or revealing dresses to cover the parts to make the revealing less. Basically, they were worn under nightgowns and lingerie, but they have evolved with time and now are also worn with revealing dresses or blouses so that women can control the amount of skin they want to reveal. They can be lacy, see-through, and revealing depending upon the designs and desire of the customer.

  1. Garter belts:

Garter belts are basically used to hold the thigh-high stocking and nylons in place.  They can fulfill their purpose with the help of elastic or small metal clips attached to the fabrics. They may also fit around the waist and hang downwards to attach to the top of the stockings. Stockings may have lace or net. To make sure that garter belts fulfill their purpose, they are also made with metal clips. 

  1. Traditional slip:
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Everyone is familiar with the traditional slip. It is made of silk or satin. It is a one-piece item that can be worn around the waist as a shirt. It can also be worn over the body as a spaghetti strap gown. These are made to be worn under dresses so that they can be see-through under the right circumstances.

  1. Chemise:

Many people are not aware of this name but sure have seen this type of clothing. This is a short-slip dress with adjustable straps that ends usually above the thigh. It’s perfect to wear underdresses, but it is mostly worn just for the sake of sexiness. Chemises are designed in baby doll designs mostly. They come with matching underwear and a matching bra. It is the sexiest type of lingerie.

  1. Bustiers:

This is a classic lingerie. This piece covers the upper body and supports and sometimes pushes the breasts up. Most of the torso is covered with it ending at the belly button. Some of these may have garter belts, but it is not compulsory. It is useful for both seductions and under a dress. 

Wearing lingerie for your comfort and intimate moments has never hurt anyone. It can make you confident when seductive and can also help boost your stature and confidence if worn under your clothing. It’s always nice to wear something pretty, nice, silky, and lacy. Start with the right lingerie, and everything else you wear will feel right. Check your options and find the best brands among the clothing manufacturers. Clothing and your body change, so you should check for better underwear once in a while and try something new.

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