The main success behind the growth of your product sales on your eCommerce site is highly dependent on how you are describing it. While a buyer comes to purchase a product from your site, they look for more reliability and information about the product before investing their money into it. Thus the product descriptions have a very effective impact on how your product is performing on your selling platform. An SEO Agency Melbourne can help you to stay more relevant with your product descriptions to boost your sales on your eCommerce site. Here are some tips for writing SEO friendly description of products for your eCommerce site:

Make sure you are defining the persona of your buyers:

The thumb rule for a good product description is to start with a top-notch solid buyer persona. It is important to set the target audience and address them properly before you start describing the product. Unless you don’t know whom to address, you also won’t know what information to include in your description. The description is solely for the buyers who need to know all the information about their product. Thus it is important to clear the persona of the buyer at the beginning of the description to make them know that it is the perfect solution for their problem.

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Include the essential features and benefits to motivate the buyers:

Your user is not at all going to be convinced unless they know about what benefit they will get after purchasing it. Hence it is important to include all the essential features and benefits of the product, which serves as a quick SEO boost to your product. It helps the crawlers to determine how user-friendly your product is. Thus it will get more visitors and conversion rates which is essential for enhancing the sale of your products. Also, make sure you are highlighting the key features of the products, which will boost product visibility in the eCommerce platform.

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Try to keep the language simple:

The selection of words for your product description is much necessary for the boost of sales through your eCommerce platform. Keeping the language simple helps in better understanding of the products, which motivates the customers to invest in it. Online shopping is a much common practice where users do not expect to deal with words that are unfamiliar to them. At the same time, it can hamper the SEO of your products. To boost your sales and its visibility through the platform, try to keep the descriptions short and simple.

Make sure it is informative:

The more informative the content is, the more it is friendlier for the SEO. The search engines look for informative content rather than deceptive ones. Thus keep your product pages informative by giving all the information about the product. Describing the characteristics of the product and how it can help the users will help them to understand better about your product.

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Make strategic use of the keywords:

While making the product descriptions more SEO-friendly, make sure you are not using unnecessary keywords which can affect your ranking. The search engines will scan the entire paragraph and must judge how meaningful it is. Thus it is important to use the keywords strategically. It must not be more than 2-3 times in a 200-300 words content. Make sure you are avoiding keyword stuffing and try to use LSI keywords. Also, it is important to optimize the images by inserting the keywords in the name of the file, image descriptions, and ALT tags.


If you are thinking of writing a very strategic product description that can target better visibility for your product, then it is important to include the above-mentioned tricks while writing the description. Hence create descriptions that are useful and informative to boost up your rank in the SERP to stay ahead with your position. At the same time, use the best SEO tactics which can help you to target better e-commerce goals.

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