The task of picking the appropriate web design for your eCommerce website can be a little bit tricky. To entice your users to shop from you, it is not only important to make your website highly functional. At the same time, it is also important that it is attractive enough to enhance brand communication. No matter whether you are trying to impress your new customers or you are thinking of bringing back the old ones, using the latest eCommerce designs is going to be a great boost to it. Here are some of the top eCommerce Web design trends that you can follow in 2021 to give your site a nice and amazing look. Have a look:

  1. The Vaporwave influence 

The new vaporwave design is ruling the trends of 2021 for eCommerce designs. Inspired by the vibrant pop culture, it is simply winning hearts. Starting its journey in 2010 from a much anti-consumerist movement for music, it is currently spreading its charm. It renders more nostalgia, surrealism, and futurism through its visual art form. It creates a more otherworldly atmosphere in the entire theme. Combined with the neon color shade, it comes with a very nice pink hue. At the same time, there are abstract shapes from the 80s and 90s with glitch art. For a fashionable website design, you can easily use this one. At the same time, you can also customize it as per the mood and attitude of your website. You can avail of service from ecommerce Web Design Sydney to get the best web design for your eCommerce site.

  1. Multidirectional layouts:
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The multidirectional layouts are a very attractive trend for eCommerce. This year the brands are using the multiproduct galleries with the grids that show up left to right, or sometimes diagonal. This creative and innovative approach of layout is making navigation much easier. Users can easily head towards any of the directions to explore the products. At the same time, the layout has perfect timing, which makes it deliver a highly mobile responsive design. To add a bit of casual touch to your site while keeping its playful attitude intact, using this one would be a great choice.

  1. Center stage navigation:

The new-age eCommerce website designs are much focused on stressing the easy navigation to enhance the conversion rate. Unlike the traditional way of navigation, the new way of the trend is making navigation the main event. Also, it makes sense as the priority of any user is to go through the navigation of the site. Hence using the menu as the visual attraction on your site with the use of the right colors and fancy fonts can make your site interesting and easier.

  1. Adding product features into the design:

Another very cool and trendy design that is ruling the eCommerce trend is, using the product features in the design. It involves the projection of the heroic images with attractive background effects while prioritizing the prime product through it. The idea thrives with making the website look more recognizable while someone tries to find out the best-seller. This can come up in the form of a cut and paste of the product photography to align it with the background to offer a nice structure for the layout.

  1. Neutral colors in the background:
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Without going too much extra with the site design, the websites of eCommerce are using neutral colors in the background area. You can call it a comeback of the classic style. Unlike the plain white backgrounds, the various unique colors like the warm cream, grey, pale yellows, soft browns, etc., are much in use. Using a pale background to the website helps in driving more attention to the other visuals on the page. It is a great way to highlight the photos and the products more. It renders a very soft and pleasant visual, which adds more value to the user experience for the audience. Hence using softer colors to create a neutral background can be marked as a great idea for the 2021 eCommerce website, which can be very attractive.


While picking the theme for your eCommerce website, it is important to stress the factors that it must be appealing, soothing, and easy to use. Hence the theme of your website can have a great impact on the mind of your users and their buying behavior. Also, it is a great idea to go with the trend in this case.

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