Are you thinking about moving to Atlanta? It is one of the most popular cities in the US state of Georgia. It is the manufacturing and IT hub of the US. Atlanta is one of the most livable cities in the US, with its beautiful greenery and underwater life. Atlanta is host to one of the biggest aquariums called the Georgia Aquarium. There is a lot to look around in this place. 

Now if you have decided to move to Atlanta, you should do it with a professional moving team especially if you are moving from NYC to Atlanta. With the congested traffic situation in NYC and booked movers, you would need to have a few things in mind before carrying out a long-distance move.

Double-Layered Packing

During a long-distance move, it is important to have double-layered packing for extra protection. Especially the furniture must have double-layered wrapping because when they are in the truck while moving, they will get in contact with other pieces of furniture. 

There are chances that one layer might get scratched easily and get removed. The boxes should also be the ones that are corrugated and sturdy. For fragile items, special boxes are available which are soft on the inside with padding and hard on the outside. 

Hiring Movers Early

Long-distance requires booking in advance to make all the necessary arrangements. Therefore, have a window of about one to two months to make the process smoother. Start your search as soon as you have all the details of the new building, and you have decided on a date. We would suggest you do a little research before you pay. 

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For example, go through the testimonials of previous clients, get suggestions from your friends and family, and also read some 3rd party reviews. Make sure you get an overall insight into the company. Also, it is important to know their previous moves, years of experience, and problems or challenges. 

Delivery Timing

There is a specific delivery time when you are moving long distances. You must talk about the delivery timeline before you hire them because you have to consider being there when they deliver your things. There are two types of shipping methods, the normal one and an express one at an extra cost. The delivery window can also be customized, but that would cost extra too. 

Remember Inter-City Moving Regulations

Some states and cities in the US have special regulations. Usually, the moving company would provide you with all the information based on the list that you submit. It is better that you read about intercity regulations when you are moving. 

For example, some cities don’t allow certain types of pets. Remember to do your research before you start packing. Not going through the regulations might result in hefty fines or the inability to take some things to your new home. 

Realistic Budget 

Setting a budget is probably the most painful process during the move. It takes up a huge chunk of your salary. The average cost can be anywhere from $3500 to $6000. This does not include the extra expenses related to your house cleaning, hidden costs, and others. 

It is important to sit down with your moving partners and create a realistic budget with attention to every single detail. This would help you prevent extra expenditure. There are also moving supplies, housing services, and other costs to be taken care of.  

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Take Measurements Before

The new home you are moving to would not be known by the movers. Therefore, we suggest you plan a small trip before you move with tape and measure the length and width of the doors, corridors, staircase, availability, and the number of elevators, hallways, windows, and other possible spaces. Also, make sure there is a parking spot available in front of the building or how far must one park their vehicle. 

Buy Insurance

All your furniture, essential items, and expensive items can be secured with moving insurance. It is provided by almost every renowned and professional company. Yes, it costs more, but it will be expensive if something is broken or missing. You can stay relaxed and let the movers do everything once you have insurance. Otherwise, you would constantly worry about your items being moved or destroyed. 

Separate Essentials Bag

In the rush of moving, one forgets to pack a separate bag of essentials. These are the things you would need in the first few days after your move. It becomes impossible to open every box and find the thing, or unpack the first day. You are tired of long-distance traveling. Therefore, create a bag like you do when you are traveling with bathroom essentials, some clothes, and some cooking items. 


Moving from NYC to Atlanta is fun if you have kept the above-given points in mind and planned the move properly. Planning properly includes the movers, deciding on a date, and carrying out proper research. Doing it all alone can be seriously stressful, therefore we suggest you include your friends, family members, or colleagues to ease the process. 

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It is also a time when you can have heart-to-heart conversations with a friend or relative. Moving from NYC to Atlanta is a distance of about 1200 km. One would take approximately 15 to 16 hours, including small stops. By planning and organizing your move to the last detail, you can stay relaxed later on.

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