DirecTV, a popular satellite TV service in the United States, is DirecTV. It offers both satellite and streaming services. AT&T Communications owns DirecTV. DirecTV USA offers a few channels in categories such as News, Sports and Kids, Movies and many more. Many users forget the channel number of DirecTV’s weather channel. This article will show you how to locate all channel numbers for DirecTV’s weather channel.

Weather Channels on DirecTV

DirecTV currently has two weather channels. WeatherNation and The Weather Channel are available on DirecTV.

AccuWeather can be found on channel 361.

The Weather Channel can be found on channel 362.

Both channels provide the weather forecast information you require. Sam Champion hosts AMHQ (America’s Morning Headquarters), which is a highlight of the Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel vs DirecTV

The Weather Channel was taken off DirecTV in January 2014. The two parties could not agree to a deal. The Weather Channel demanded a raise from DirecTV. The Weather Channel was receiving 13 cents per month from DirecTV at that time. The Weather Channel was then removed from DirecTV’s network after DirecTV refused to agree.

The Weather Channel returned to channel 362 after three months of work.

WeatherNation vs DirecTV

Four years later, the battle between DirecTV and WeatherNation continues. DirecTV dropped WeatherNation in 2018 and instead installed AccuWeather on number 361.

AccuWeather has been replaced by WeatherNation on channel 361 as of August 1, 2018. Both channels have not yet released the reason for the exchange. AccuWeather has been available since then.

News and weather are the most popular channels. DirecTV has not been in good standing for a while. 2019 saw DirecTV’s name changed to AT&T TV. In 2021, AT&T TV became DirecTV Stream. DirecTV will soon lose some of its regular subscribers if it continues this practice.

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Weather Channels Local

DirecTV offers more than 100 local stations. You can find the channel number for local weather channels by entering your zip code. You can check the DirecTV website to see if local channels are available.

These are the best weather apps for Android that will give you instant updates about the weather on your phone.

These are the DirecTV weather channels. Let’s all hope these two weather channels will be the permanent weather channels on DirecTV. Please let us know if you are aware of any other weather channels in the comments section.


1. Is DirecTV removing The Weather Channel from its network?

Yes, the Weather Channel was removed from the platform in January 2014. The channel is restored to the platform after a short period.

2. Which channel is The Weather Channel on DirecTV

The Weather Channel is available on channel no. 362.


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