Hajj Spirit at Home

There is no doubt that this unfortunate year has brought many unusual announcements and never heard before terms that have actually become an indelible part of our lives. This still going Corona panic has created an upside-down situation for the entire mankind on the globe. The human hustles and festivities have gone too far from life.

Since the very beginning of this terrible year, the ears have been serving from the health threats posed by this killer virus. These health threats have forced the world to confirm difficult decisions to ensure the safety of human health. One such decision is the banning announcement of Hajj 2020 for the piteous Islamic world.

However, continue praying that may this killer virus may leave this planet soon and we find ourselves in healthful stress-free winters to book December Umrah Packages.

It is obvious that we can’t fulfill our mandatory spiritual duty this unusual time. But we can still enjoy the spirit of Hajj in Quarantine, by absorbing the Divine wisdom behind these few most sacred days.

Be mindful that coming from Hajj and calling yourself a Hajji is not really what it means the fulfillment of your ritual. The actual purpose of this mandatory ritual is to absorb its hidden lessons and incorporate the rewards from Allah (SWT) incorporating those lessons even without performing your Hajj.

Spiritual Lessons of Hajj Ritual to learn for a lifetime

Here we should discuss the thought-provoking spiritual lessons that we must get from the Hajj ritual whether we are going or planning for it.

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All human beings are equal in the eyes of Allah (SWT)

Hajj is the grandest Muslim gathering observed at the holiest sites of Makkah and Madinah. In this sacred spot of mesmerizing charm millions of Muslim devotees from all across the world with different caste, creed and colors gather together to say praise for their one and only Allah (SWT). This pilgrimage reminds us that we all are equal in the eyes of Allah (SWT).

The Hajj journey reminds about the Journey to the hereafter

While setting out for Hajj, we leave behind our family, friends, and our homelands for the sake of one and only Allah (SWT). When you delve deep, you should realize that this travel seems like your journey to the hereafter.

At the end nothing remains except your own self and the Creator.

Labbayk Allahaahumma Labbayak-Allah (SWT) is watching us every time

When we utter Hajj chant Labbayk Allahaahumma Labbayak, we surrender ourselves before the might of Allah (SWT). The immersion in these soul-stirring words makes us realize that the human being is nothing but just a slavish creation of Allah (SWT). He/she is accountable before his only Creator for his every action hidden or revealed.

Whatever we do or say, our creator Allah (SWT) is watching and recording us.

Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk- Peace lies within Allah’s Praise

While traveling, you keep your tongue busy in Talbiyah (Labbayk Allahumma Labayak) and avoid gossiping and meaningless talks. So it is an ultimate lesson for a lifetime that the peace of mind lies in Allah’s (SWT)’s praise. So we must busy our tongues in Allah’s Dhikr instead of gossips.

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Hard work has immeasurable Rewards

You cannot complete your Hajj ritual if you don’t perform your Hajj rites with diligence and devotion. Through this ultimate reality, we realize for the lifetime that Allah (SWT) loves those who are diligent. He (SWT) befriends those who perform their worldly and divinely duties with utmost sincerity, honesty and dedication.

Sunnah is far more superior to reasoning

When we circumambulate around Kaaba, we kiss the Black Square of Hajar e Aswad while following the Sunnah of Prophet (SAW).  Kissing of Black Stone is not a fardh but a beautiful action of the Holy Prophet (SAW) that the devotees follow.

This divine rite teaches us an ultimate lesson that Allah‘s commands and Prophet (SAW)’s teachings are inevitable and far more superior than our feeble reasoning.

Significance of Water

When you drink the Zam Zam water at Haram, you enjoy the spiritual perks of this miraculous water and soothe your exhausted nerves. Besides this, you must also learn the lesson hidden in the Zam Zam water. This Zam Zam water also makes you aware of an unprecedented blessing of Allah (SWT) in terms of ‘water’.

Have you ever thought about how inevitable is water for our lives? So we must always thank Allah (SWT) while drinking it and avoid its undue wastage in our daily lives.


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