Anxiety is a disorder that affects nearly 40 million adults in America. One of the primary reasons for anxiety is living in the future and not in the present moment. It’s so easy to get caught up in the disappointments of life, rather than seeing the glass half full. 

Stress and anxiety can lead to severe depression, which is why mindful living is so important. If you want to learn more about the benefits of living in a mindful universe, continue reading below.

The Importance of Mindful Living

Mindful living isn’t just something to do as a trend. It’s great for your psyche and your overall well-being. For individuals who are struggling with day-to-day stress and anxiety, mindful living is a great benefit. 

Living in the here and now means that you are aware of what’s happening around you in the present moment. You’re not distracted by the worries of tomorrow or burdened by the past. All of your energy is centered around the present.

The present is the perfect time between the past and the future. It’s the only moment that you can truly have access to. Everything that happens does so in the present. Once the past is gone, you can’t change it, and you can’t predict the future.

Being present-minded is the key to living a happy, healthy life. It tremendously cuts down on anxiety and worry. It keeps you grounded and connected to what’s most important.

The Difficulty of Living in the Moment

Mind living is so challenging for many people because it forces them to not focus on their past or future. One of the biggest contributing factors to why mindfulness gets interrupted is because there are tons of phone notifications, messages, and advertising that’s constantly influencing a person’s mind and emotions. 

For instance, as you’re relaxing, you may receive a notification reminding you of something that you have to do the next day. Just thinking about future responsibilities can easily trigger anxiety. If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, the thought of doing anything else is burdensome.

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On the flip side, mindful living is tainted because of the past as well. If something you did resulted in a different outcome, it’s easy to continue to dwell on it. Humans have a tendency to single out bad experiences in their lives and throw away the good things that occurred.

Not only that, but past decisions can cause anxiety for the future. For instance, if you made a poor financial decision, you may feel upset and worried about how it will affect your future. 

Basically, it all goes hand-in-hand. However, mindful living says, “I’m going to forgive myself for my poor choices”, accept it and move on. It also says “I am going to appreciate what I have and only worry about what I can control”. 

Also, a person who is practicing mindful living won’t allow themselves to think too far ahead. You never know what could happen and how your situation could turn around, so what’s the purpose of worrying about it? Even if you made a bad decision, do what you can to correct it or simply accept it.

How to Put Mindfulness Into Practice

Mindful living is a lifestyle. Therefore, you have to put it into practice each day. Here are the best ways to live a mindful life:

Wake up With Purpose

Life is full of day-to-day challenges that can put us in a frenzy. Instead of waking up and rushing towards your daily tasks, take the time to appreciate the moment. Be grateful that you are alive, be grateful that you have your family. 

If you don’t do that, your job and responsibilities will overtake you. Before you get out of bed, set an intention for the day. It doesn’t have to be huge, it can be something simple.

For instance, you can challenge yourself to stay calm while you drive to work. Sitting in traffic causes stress. Instead of getting worked up, listen to soothing music or a motivational podcast while you drive.

It’s also a good idea to give yourself a little TLC before you check your phone or email. If you jump straight into business, it can jumble your thoughts. Sit, stretch, and take deep breaths. Open your windows and get in some sunlight. 

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Taking a few minutes to yourself can significantly alter the trajectory of your day and set your mindset. 

Also, as you go about your day, if there are moments where you start to feel stressed and tense, revisit your morning. Take your breaths and recenter yourself.

Activate Your Mind and Body

Chances are you’ve heard many times how exercising and staying active benefits your entire well-being. Well, that’s true. Working out and being physically active makes you feel good from the inside out. 

If you aren’t a gym rat, that’s okay. Mindful living through exercise doesn’t mean you have to turn into a fitness enthusiast. However, you can find ways to incorporate exercise into your life in ways that you enjoy it.

For example, just going out and taking a walk can improve your mood and help you with your physical health. Walking outside and breathing fresh air is a stress reliever. If you really want to feel like you’re releasing tension, go to a beautiful park or hike up to a waterfall. It’ll instantly make you feel better overall. 

If that’s not your cup of tea, that’s fine. You can also do things like dancing. Working out doesn’t have to be strenuous aerobics.

Sign up for a Zumba class or simply dance around to your favorite music in your home. You’re guaranteed to feel better and burn calories.

Practice Hygge

If you didn’t know, hygge is the practice of enjoying the simple things. It’s a Danish concept that involves indulging in the small pleasures of life. You may not have everything that you desire, but you have something. 

This practice came about because the Danish people experience long winters and long days of darkness. This type of atmosphere creates depression, but the people find ways to enjoy themselves despite it. 

Hygge is indulging in a sweet cup of hot cocoa while reading your favorite book. It’s also lighting a scented candle and giving yourself a face mask. Humans enjoy the simple things more than they realize. 

When you snuggle on the couch in your fuzzy socks while watching your favorite TV show, there’s a happiness that boils up inside of you. When you practice mindful living, you should tap into that feeling. 

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Hygge is all about the present and indulging in the things that you can control. Most people feel as if they have to constantly be on the next level or buy expensive items to enjoy their lives. But that’s false. 

To learn more about how consumerism is putting a burden on society, check out this article titled “Do I have enough stuff for now?“.

Be Grateful

One of the primary things that destroy people’s happiness is not being grateful. You’ll always have a desire for something better. It’s discouraging when you don’t have it or when it’s taking a long time to attain. 

But most people mess up when they become broken because they don’t have everything they want. The problem with this is that it causes them to forget about what’s most important.

Let’s say you want a new car—there’s nothing wrong with that. But you shouldn’t let the desire for a new vehicle put a damper into the way you feel, especially if you already have a car. Be thankful for that. 

If you’re struggling to see the good in your life, write down a gratitude list. You’d be surprised at how much you actually have. Writing down a gratitude list helps you to put things into perspective. You never want to lose sight of what’s important because you’re focused on everything that you’re lacking.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t strive for better or work on accomplishing your dreams. It just means that on your journey to success, you should enjoy the ride. Life is beautiful and you don’t want it to pass you by.

Take Advantage of Mindful Living

Mindful living is beneficial for your mental and physical well-being. It’s a form of self-care that’s necessary for longevity. When you begin to focus on the here and now, it opens up an entirely new perspective.

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