The Best Way to Turn on LG TV Without the Remote

LG Smart TVs can be among the most popular TV brands that let you access a variety of content on the internet. No matter what LG television model you’ll receive the remote control, which lets you turn off or on the TV, switch channels, change the volume, alter the source of input, and more. But, you might be in the challenge of finding a way to switch the on of the LG TV after damaging its remote. If that’s the case Here’s the step-by-step guide to switching on your TV without having to use the remote.

What to do if you don’t have a remote control to turn on an LG Smart TV

The most efficient and simple method to start an LG TV without using a remote control is to use the physical power button on your TV. If you have lost the LG television remote, then you can utilize this method to make an emergency call to switch on your TV. You will find the power button located just beneath the LG logo on the TV.

Just a simple push of the power button is enough to power up your TV. Once you’re LG Smart TV is on it is possible to press the power button in order to shut off the TV.

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How to turn on LG TV without the Power or Remote by using the LG ThinQ App

One of the major benefits of owning a Smart TV is that we can manage the features of our TV using our mobile phones. To control the functions of an LG Smart TV, you are able to use LG ThinQ. LG ThinQ app. It’s available for Android as well as iPhone devices. But, you must connect the app to the LG TV to turn it off and on. With the LG ThinQ application you will have access to all the options for controlling your TV including the ability to disable or activate closed captions and subtitles on LG TV without a remote. Alongside the LG ThinQ application and LG TV Plus app, you can also utilize the LG TV Plus application to manage your LG TV without a remote. The app was deleted from the Play Store as well as the App Store.

(1) Switch the LG TV, and make sure your TV, as well as your LG ThinQ connected device, are both connected to the same WiFi network.

(2) Start the application and then press the + icon located near the center of your screen.

(3) Review the information on the screen, then click OK.

(4) Choose the TV under the Home Appliances section.

(5) The app will find nearby devices. Choose the device you want to connect to. LG TV.

(6) An authorization code appears on the screen of your TV. Input it into your TV, and then click OK.

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(7) Choose the LINK option if you wish to join your email address or click the SKIP.

(8) Choose MOVE to HOME.

(9) Then switch off your television by using the button within the app.

How to Utilize the LG ThinQ app to control LG Smart TV

Utilizing the LG ThinQ application it is possible to manage all electronic appliances manufactured by LG. Within the Remote area of the application, you’ll have a range of options.

  • To alter the volume, press the VOL + button or the VOL button.
  • If you want to change your channel settings on an LG TV, simply press the CH up Arrow () or the CH downward Arrow (V).
  • Click on the Mute button to muffle the volume.
  • Click the Home icon to access your home screen.
  • The top-right of your screen will see on the top-right side, the button Power. The Power button to shut off your LG TV.
  • Press the microphone button to voice the command.
  • To go back you back to your previous menu simply click the Back button. It is located on the lower left of the volume button.
  • Click the Settings button for access to the settings menu of the LG Smart TV. This will allow you to reset your LG Smart TV without a remote.

By using these buttons in the LG ThinQ application you are able to easily operate your LG TV without the need for a remote. If you’d like to, you can connect your LG TV with a new WiFi connection, without the need for the LG ThinQ application.

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You can use these two methods to power off your LG TV if you’ve lost the remote. The disadvantage of the second option is that it might not be compatible with old LG Smart TV models. Check out these walk-throws, and then share your suggestions in the comments section.


What is the location of the power button in an LG TV?

For the majority of LG TV models, the Power button is likely to be in the middle part of the screen. In certain models, the Power button will be located on the backside.

Can I utilize my Apple TV remote to control LG TV?

No, you can’t. Apple TV remotes aren’t compatible. Apple TV remote cannot be used with an LG Smart TV.


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