The Best Way to Get Free LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn is a social networking focused on professional development and networking. Similar to Facebook like Twitter and Twitter, LinkedIn is also an online social network that is controlled by Microsoft, the tech giant Microsoft. LinkedIn is a great way to make use of LinkedIn to present your resume and search for jobs. LinkedIn is free to join however, premium subscription plans offer an in-depth analysis of your resume and online classes as well as webinars.

The LinkedIn homepage page is similar to Facebook main page. It is similar to Facebook’s home page by and displays additional posts in the newsfeed. LinkedIn also provides options that aren’t offered in other social networks including the Career dashboard, which displays your professional experience when hovering over your profile’s icon.


Profile Searches up to 100 up to 300
Who viewed your profile in 90 days No Yes
Advanced search No Yes
Multifeatured Email No Yes
Applicant Insights No Yes
Keyword suggestions No Yes

Subscription Packs

  • Career – $18.99/month
  • Business – $24.99/month
  • Sales – $51.99/month
  • Hiring – $66.99/month

Subscription Packs

  • Career – $18.99/month
  • Business – $24.99/month
  • Sales – $51.99/month
  • Hiring – $66.99/month

How to Get LinkedIn Premium Subscription for Free

If you’re a member or the US Military or a US Military Veteran, you are eligible to receive the first year’s membership to LinkedIn Premium no cost. In order to do that, you’ll need to confirm the authenticity of your US Military credentials with SheerID. To do so,

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1. Visit LinkedIn Global Impact. LinkedIn Global Impact website.

2. Fill in the information required and click Verify My Military Startus via SheerID.

3. After your profile is authenticated, you’ll receive the login credentials required to join LinkedIn Premium, which is free for one year.

It’s an offer that is only once. You cannot make use of an identical ID more than once time.

Alternate Way

LinkedIn premium is a great way to avail a number of additional features. We can use LinkedIn premium for free by applying these tricks. They’re

  • Use the LinkedIn Free trial.
  • Utilizing Visual Studio learning program.
  • Plus-One Pledge
  • 50% Off

It’s a surprise that LinkedIn does not offer discounts for students.

Using LinkedIn Free Trial

1. Visit the LinkedIn website and click on the Try it for free for a month.

LinkedIn Free Trial

2. Log into the LinkedIn account you have created. LinkedIn account.

Join LinkedIn

3. Then, complete your security verification.

Security check

4. Choose plan from the top options that meets your requirements.

LinkedIn Premium subscription plans

5. Select the option to begin my month-long free trial.

6. Check out for free using your credit debit card, or PayPal.

7. After successful payment After successful checkout, your LinkedIn subscription will activate for a period of 30 days of validity.

You must unsubscribe from LinkedIn Premium’s trial free of charge within 30 days of trial to prevent money being debited from your account.

Using Visual Studio Learning Program

The Microsoft’s Visual Studio offers a LinkedIn trial at no cost to its users as part of the learning program. In this article, we show you how to enable the LinkedIn premium feature using an existing Visual Studio account.

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1. Visit the LinkedIn site.

2. Now sign-up or log into Your Visual Studio account.

3. Visit My Visual Studio > LinkedIn Learning benefit.

4. If you’re an Visual Studio Enterprise user, you’ll get a 6-month free trial.

Get LinkedIn Premium Using Visual Studio

5. If you are using another Visual Studio subscription and you are a subscriber, you can avail three-month trial period for free.

Get LinkedIn Premium Using Visual Studio

7. You have now been able to activate LinkedIn premium with Visual Studio.

Using Plus-One Pledge

The Plus-One Pledge initiative is run by LinkedIn which lets premium members could be shared. Anyone working for LinkedIn particularly in the Sales department will receive coupons for free. They are able to send coupons that are free to anyone who is on LinkedIn. Sometimes, they will post a status update regarding these coupons and Plus-One Pledge. All you need to do is find those who offer these coupons.

Contact them through LinkedIn chat or email and you will be able to get free membership. The duration of the subscription will range between 3 months, six months, and one year. When messaging them, you must be open about your thoughts about how crucial the LinkedIn professional profile is.

Using 50% Off

Cancel LinkedIn Premium

If you believe that LinkedIn Premium is too expensive for you, you may benefit from the 50% deal. However, in order to take advantage of this offer, you must purchase the LinkedIn subscription. If you want to cancel the subscription, select the reason that it is too costly. You will now receive 50% discount for the following two months. You can avail this offer by clicking on the Claim deal button. If you’d like to cancel the subscription for all, press on the button to confirm cancellation.

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LinkedIn 50% Offer

If you run an enterprise, we recommend that you test LinkedIn premium since it offers deep analytics, more profiles searches, etc. If you’re looking for a job, LinkedIn free is the best option. LinkedIn free version will be adequate for you.


1. Are LinkedIn premium available for free to Veterans?

Yes, you can avail LinkedIn Premium for free for a year using the US Military credentials.

2. How can students access LinkedIn Premium for no cost?

If you own a student mail ID with the suffix .edu and you are a student, you can purchase the LinkedIn Premium service for free over three months.


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