The Best Way to Change Home Address on iPhone

Today, a lot of iPhone users have saved their home addresses to facilitate quick navigation with Apple Maps or Google Maps applications. These apps are able to identify your location using the address that you’ve entered into your private contact list. If you’ve relocated to a different location the iPhone cannot detect or alter your address for your home instantly. So, you must alter it yourself.

1. Start The Contacts application for your iPhone.

2. Click on your profile in the upper right corner.

3. Click the Edit button located in the top right corner.

4. Scroll down, then hit the Edit button near the home address.

5. Enter your new address and save it.

6. After you have changed your home address, return to the Settings menu.

7. Choose Safari and then click the Autofill option within”General.

8. Now, turn on Use Contact Info by toggling it.

9. Select My Info to access your information including name, email address, and more.

10. Click on the Address field and type in your new address for your home manually.

How to Change Home Address on iPhone [Editing Apple ID Address]

1. Go to the Settings menu on your iPhone.

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2. Click iTunes and then click App Store.

3. Click”View” on your Apple ID and click Country/Region under Accounts.

4. Next, select your new address.

5. Check for modifications and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

This time, the updated address is displayed in your iPhone.

How to Change Home Address on iPhone [Using Google Maps]

1. Launch your Google Maps app on your iPhone.

2. Tap the Hamburger icon in the upper left corner to show additional options.

3. Click on Your Places.

4. A list of all your saved addresses is displayed.

5. Click the 3 dots to the right of your address for home.

Change Home Address in Google Maps

6. Next Click Edit Home.

7. Enter the Search Bar, and input your home address in order to allow Google Maps to load it in a timely manner.

8. Select the address you want to use and then click on the three dots icon next to it.

9. Edit using your new address and save.

10. Finally, the residence address of the user will also be added to Google Maps.

How to Change Home/Work Address on iPhone [Using Apple Maps]

1. Start your Apple Maps application on your iPhone.

2. Then, type Home on the Search field for a location/address field.

3. Select Home from the search results.

4. Click Edit Location within the menu window.

5 Enter your new address for your home and click Next.

You’ve successfully updated your house address on your iPhone. Also, you have updated the address of your workplace on your iPhone as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I remove contacts from my iPhone?

Launch Settings > Tap Safari > Click AutoFill > Select Clear All > Tap Clear AutoFill Data.

What should I do if my home location is not correct what should I do if my home location isn’t working iPhone?

Click on Settings and then select the General tab. Then, select Reset, then choose Reset Location and Privacy. Then you must enter your iPhone password to do it.

What can I do to add a place to my favorites on my iPhone?

Start Apple Maps and enter the address you wish to include in your Favorites. After that, swipe the information card, then select Add to Favorites.


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