There is a rich history of greyhound racing in Ireland, and it’s no surprise that there are some fantastic venues across the island to take in this unique sport. From the history of Shelbourne Park to more modern developments in other parts of the country, there are so many places to feast your eyes on the fast and frantic sport of greyhound racing.

We’re all aware of the most famous venues in the UK, but let’s take a closer look at some of Ireland’s most heralded greyhound stadiums, which are perfect if you fancy a greyhound bet.

Shelbourne Park

Let’s start with the big one. Simply put, Shelbourne Park is the most historic and prestigious place to watch greyhound racing in Ireland, and that is down to one thing: the Irish Greyhound Derby. As the showpiece fixture on the Irish calendar, the Derby sees dogs come from all over the UK and Ireland to compete for the top prize, and it’s always a memorable spectacle. 

Wedged in among the terraced housing of east Dublin, Shelbourne Park is as old-school as a greyhound stadium gets, whilst still having modern elements. It’s a great place to take in a night’s racing, and if you fancy you can also wine and dine whilst you watch the action unfold! 


Another great place to watch greyhound racing is Galway. With modern facilities, there are fantastic opportunities to watch the races in the lap of luxury, with your every need catered for. There are some big events at Galway each year, and it’s no surprise given its status as one of Ireland’s top tourist destinations. 

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The city itself is one of the nicest spots in the country, and a night at the races can be a perfect way to cap off your city break in style. Galway is home to one of Ireland’s top horse racing events in the form of the Galway Races, but let’s not forget it has an active greyhound scene too! 


Heading a bit further south, and Limerick greyhound stadium is another great venue in Ireland. An attractive, modern grandstand offers great views of the track and allows visitors to enjoy the races in maximum comfort. With race nights happening twice a week, there’s plenty of opportunities to get right in the thick of the action.

These days, racetracks depend on their local following, and the Limerick public enjoy their greyhound racing as much as anyone. It’s a terrific spot, and it’s no surprise that the concourses are often packed on race night.


As the Republic of Ireland’s largest county by area, and with the second-highest population after Dublin, it stands to reason that Cork should have a greyhound racing venue to be proud of. In keeping with a lot of Irish greyhound facilities run by the Greyhound Racing Ireland, the Curraheen stadium boasts a modern main stand with plenty of attractions.

Race nights are held every Friday and Saturday, and there are always good crowds in attendance to see the greyhounds battle it out for first place. 

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