Children need to develop their skills and talents at an early age because at their level, bones are still flexible, memories are still fresh, and their bodies and minds are still active. That’s why at schools, learners need to enhance whatever abilities they have especially in primary school sports.

Why Sports?

Sports is a great avenue or area of study that some learners can focus on so that at a later age or when they will teach secondary levels, they can compete locally and even nationally. When they become athletes, they will represent the school to join sports contests and once they will win, this will bring honor to the school and their parents.

Benefits You Can Get In Playing Sports

1. Form of Exercise

Primary school sports at an early age is a form of exercise that will make them physically fit. Nowadays, children tend to spend more time doing indoor activities or without having enough time doing exercise because of the influence of gadgets, online games, and social media. Children must be reminded of the physical and mental benefits they can get if they will engage in any sports activities they like to play.

2.. Character Building

One good thing about playing sport is character building. More values they will learn and their character will develop if they will attend more training or sports enhancements. They will learn how to adjust to the various attitudes and personalities of one another and their opponents and also learn how to accept defeat. Another character they will learn the most is to be humble at all times especially when the time comes they will reach the peak of their sports career. Of course, being persistent and learning how to persevere in any circumstances matter the most in every player as one desires to win and not give up.

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3. Teamwork

Aside from individual sports like boxing and chess, most sports are in a group of players or a team. By playing sports, you will learn to plan, work, and play as a team. If your team wins then it’s the work and effort of everyone and if the team losses the game, then there’s no one to blame but each of the team members. As a famous US speaker and motivator once said, “teamwork makes the dream work.” So in sports, there’s no room to become selfish but to help and lift one another.

3. Patience and Acceptance

Learning how to be patient and accept every outcome is an important aspect of playing sports. You must be patient enough especially during training or if there’s something you want to achieve. If you can’t win or make it well in your first attempt, then you must try and do it again. Learn to be patient, especially with the imperfections of your trainers and teammates. Then acceptance will also matter in sports. When you win, thank God, your coaches, and group mates but if you lose, accept it and still glorify Him for what had happened. There’s always enough room to improve and sooner or later, you will savor the pinnacle of success.

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