The introduction of the internet completely revolutionized the poker market. Suddenly, gamers from all over the world were able to instantaneously connect with competitors and play while remaining in the privacy and convenience of their own houses. The most difficult aspect was figuring out ways to incorporate real money into the game, given that poker without the need for a cash reward is like the tropics without sunshine. Because of the significant strides that have been made in internet technology since the early years of the new millennium, transferring money between your bank account and an online poker site is now not only simple but also risk-free.

You are cordially invited to come and play Poker games at India’s Largest Gaming Site, Adda52 Poker, where you will have the opportunity to win mind-blowing cash awards. You may simply participate in a broad assortment of online poker real cash tournaments as well as cash games hosted on our website, all of which can be accessed and played on any of your smart devices. The only thing required of you is to go to the game lobby and pick the tournament you want to play from the available options.

Here are simple steps for adding money on Adda 52 poker app.

How to add money on Adda Poker 

Create your account on Adda52 Poker

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You won’t be charged anything to use Adda52 Poker after you sign up for an account there. You will be able to access your account whenever you like as long as you have a valid login and password that you have created for it. You will have quick access to such money matches and tournaments that are offered on the website after the verification of your details has been completed.

Steps to add money-

When you play poker on Adda52 Poker, it is simple to add money to your account so you can play. All that is required of you is to proceed in the following straightforward steps:

In order to create an account on this website, you will first need to fill out some basic information.

  • Navigate your web browser to the page labeled “My Account.”
  • You can add funds to your account by clicking the “Add Money” button and then accepting the terms and conditions.
  • You are able to deposit any amount that falls between the range of the minimum deposit and the maximum deposit limit.
  • When it comes to matters pertaining to age, Adda52 Poker is extremely stringent. Therefore, the maximum sum of money which you are allowed to put into your account is proportional to your age as well. The procedure is quite speedy, and it won’t take more than a minute to complete it.

In order to avoid fraudulent activity on the internet and provide the best level of protection for our consumers, we only process credit cards after they have been verified by two different methods.

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 Additionally, the client is the one who enters their card information directly into the payment gateway, which is universally recognized as being trustworthy. Since we do not keep it in any form on our website, you can be certain that it is completely secure and that your peace of mind will not be compromised.

You can complete a purchase with these steps

  • The first step is to go to the “My Account” area of the website and click the “Add Money” button.
  • Enter the amount(in INR). Select payment mode and then click “Proceed” to move forward with the transaction.
  • Complete the transaction via the payment gateway.
  • After you have successfully completed the transaction, you will immediately be brought back to the website. 
  • Click the  “Account Summary”  in the “My Account”, and you will be able to get an instantaneous update of your Wallet amount. 

In addition to this, an email verifying the successful completion of the process as well as specifying the total price of the purchase will be sent to the address you provided during registration for your email account. You can see by yourself that purchasing and adding money is really easy. 

Withdrawal of Cash in a Trustworthy and Safe Environment

The cash that is withdrawable from the Adda52 Poker wallet into your bank account is easily accessible. You just need to go through the simple withdrawal process, which is totally secured, and your cash will be credited into your account. 


Therefore, if you are concerned about the safety and procedure of the methods used to conduct monetary transactions, then you are more than welcome to be their guest. You will find that Adda52 Poker provides you with a wide variety of incredible games in addition to providing incredible bonuses and deals. You are in for a memorable and enjoyable encounter. You can enjoy the game without any worry and turn your winning points into real cash. 

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