Plans for what the area surrounding the Allegiant Stadium will look like are coming into focus as officials work to create a vibrant Stadium District.

Clark County has held a series of meetings with stakeholders to develop a plan on how stadium-goers will travel around the area and what businesses will be in what will be one of the busiest neighborhoods in Southern Nevada once fans are allowed in.

Plans presented last week to the Las Vegas Stadium Authority by Nancy Amundsen, Clark County director of comprehensive planning, call for wider sidewalks, dedicated bike lanes, one lane of vehicle traffic in each direction with various crosswalks and landscaping. The area would likely feature restaurants and bars where patrons could sit outdoors before and after events.

In addition, the neighborhood would see significant change as new developments are planned.

An initial layout of the proposed Stadium District shows restaurants, retail outlets and bars slated for Hacienda Avenue and off Procyon — the street just to the west of Polaris — and off Russell west of Polaris, with commercial development tentatively zoned for Polaris, between Russell and Hacienda.

Some of the first additions include a retro-style In-N-Out Burger on the southeast corner of Russell Road and Polaris Avenue, which would feature an outdoor seating area, with walk-up ordering.

A four-story parking garage with more than 700 spaces is planned to be built on land Terrible Herbst owns off Polaris between Russell and Dewey Drive, directly across from Allegiant Stadium.

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The surrounding area is planned to be divided into six categories to allow for a more walkable Stadium District for the majority of fans who will park off site. The categories are:

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Neighborhood streets: Reno Avenue, Ali Baba Lane, Mesa Vista Avenue, Diablo Drive, Dewey Drive, Quail Avenue, Oquendo Road, Procyon Street, Polaris Avenue, Ponderosa Way

Neighborhood streets are intended to provide direct access, safe and inviting places to walk to restaurants, offices, businesses, and other entertainment venues. The speed limit is planned to be 25 mph, with one travel lane in each direction and bike lanes. On-street parking could be included.

Festival streets: Ali Baba Lane, Procyon Street

Festival streets are designed to allow for simple temporary conversion to pedestrian-oriented events like concerts, gatherings or farmers markets. These streets could be shut down throughout the year and offer a “neutral” public area for gatherings.

These streets could include 25 mph speed limits, one travel lane in each direction, no curbs, wide sidewalks and pedestrian zones, non-event day parking options and furniture options.

Main street: Hacienda Avenue

Main street is planned to feature 35 mph speed limits, wide sidewalks and zones favoring pedestrians, with the most streetscape features out of any zone. These four-lane streets would also feature designated bike routes.

Main streets are planned to be predominantly bar, restaurant, retail and other commercial properties.

Event streets: Polaris Avenue, Dean Martin Drive

This street type serves major events and destination areas.

Polaris is planned to feature a speed limit of 25 mph, while Dean Martin will see a 35 mph speed limit. Both will feature multiple travel lanes and two-way left-turn lanes.

Multimodal streets: Russell Road, Valley View Boulevard

Multimodal streets connect districts and cities and include existing curbs, separated bike lanes, sidewalks, up to six travel lanes and medians. As the name suggests, there will be multiple forms of transportation on this street, including vehicle, bus, bicycle and pedestrian.

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Plans for Valley View call for 35 mph speed limits, raised bike lanes, four to six travel lanes and mid-block crosswalks for pedestrians.

For Russell, a designated high-speed multimodal road, speed limits will be 45 mph, with six travel lanes, wide sidewalks and pedestrian zones.

Pedestrian pathways

Pedestrian pathways are set to be throughout the district, providing areas for pedestrians with increased lighting and streetscaping and maintaining a minimum sidewalk at all times.

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