Some people aspire to become pilots because they love the thrill of flying through the clouds, climbing higher and higher in altitude. If this sounds like you, there’s good news: you don’t have to fly alone. You can actually find yourself buying your own GMT Master ii so that you know what time it is at any point during the flight. This timepiece was originally designed for pilots, so it’s a good fit for anyone who likes to travel by air. And it’s a Rolex, so you know you’re getting a quality wristwatch just by the brand name alone. Curious about this timepiece? Find out more about this model below!

Why Buy This Iconic Watch?

The Rolex GMT Master ii is remarkable because it features a time zone display for three separate time zones. Anyone who is experienced in flying knows that there will be times when you get disoriented by the changes in the time zone as you soar above. So, this watch helps you figure out what time you left the airport and what time you expect to land at another location with just a glance at your wrist. That is why its name has the acronym GMT in it, which stands for Greenwich Meridian Time. GMT is the standard by which all global time zones are measured. 

Another good reason for buying this kind of timepiece is that the metal parts are held together with the alloy called Oystersteel. This substance is waterproof and will not corrode easily, making it ideal for these wristwatches. Other GMT Master ii components are remarkable, such as the patented Rolex ceramics within the bezel. Little things like this make investing in your own Rolex more than an impulse buy. It’s a lifestyle choice.

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Which Models of the GMT Master ii Should You Choose?

There is literally a multitude of watch models under the GMT Master ii series. So you may need to look more closely at the features of each watch in this line, so you can find out which features are appropriate for your aviation lifestyle. Take note that the first units of the GMT Master watch series were first launched in the market in 1955, so that means subsequent models under the GMT Master ii array may still be functional up to this 22nd century.

Yes, Rolex is indeed a luxury watch brand, so you can expect the pricing for the new models under the GMT Master ii series to be equally pricey. For example, the GMT-Master II Diamond model is priced at a minimum of $100,000. That means the price can even go up with subsequent launches under this line. At the lower end of the price range, you may find models such as the GMT-Master II Root Beer being sold for between $10,000 to $27,000 each. The gap between these two extremes does indicate which collectors highly value Rolex watches.

How Should You Start Collecting GMT-Master II Wristwatches?

One way to start your collection is by keeping an eye on which watches some celebrities prefer to buy and wear. Some watch models are more popular than others. For instance, the great actor Sylvester Stallone reportedly sports his own GMT-Master II watch from the GMT-Master II SARU line. This type of watch is highly prized because it comes with valuable gems that spike the price of this beauty astronomically. On the other hand, American comedienne Ellen Degeneres has her own Rolex collection, but the stainless steel one she prefers to wear while hosting her show “Ellen” is the GMT-Master II Pepsi.

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You can also look through online merchants to see which models are being launched for the current year. This is a good option if you don’t want to wait for your preferred Rolex to be offered at a real-time watch store. You might even be able to reserve one or more watches from the present series if you are willing to pay before these are launched.

You may also want to buy a Rolex watch for someone you hold dear. This is a generous gesture on your part since these watches don’t come cheap. If you find a good source of second-hand Rolexes, this will allow you to acquire your gift at a lower price than the market, provided it’s in excellent condition too. If you want to surprise your loved one with this timepiece, you might even bring them to your preferred watch store so they can pick out the actual model they’d like to have. That would make their day more special and thrilling. If you’re not sure what kind of Rolex would look good on your loved one, ask the sales staff if your loved one can try out the choices on their wrist before you settle for the right one.

Why Investing in a Rolex is a Great Idea

Naturally, you may choose to invest in Rolexes that are priced more affordably. You should be prepared to pay between $20,000 to $40,000 for a brand new low-end unit in the GMT-Master II wristwatch series. The great thing about investing in the lower-end segment of the pricing tier is that you can still use your timepiece during important occasions if you acquire one brand new. The company prides itself on selling Rolexes that are very durable, very classy-looking, and multifunctional. 

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So if you can only afford a timepiece at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, you can still use this wristwatch as a dress watch since every timepiece from the brand is an engineering marvel already. As you gain traction in your aviation career or hobby, you might have a bigger budget for the more high-end Rolexes that caught your eye. Meanwhile, you can enjoy your entry-level Rolex while you perform your aviation duties. Eventually, you will be earning more and can start collecting other great GMT-Master II wristwatch models that you are hoping to buy as soon as reasonably possible.

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